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Improve cheerleading stunts for tryouts?

Asked by ItsxJess (36points) July 15th, 2009

Cheerleading tryouts are in four weeks, and I’ve been slacking off during the summer so I’ve lost a lot of my flexibility. I can’t do a scorpion or heel stretch anymore. I can get pretty close with my right leg, but all the stunts on my squad are left legged. And I’m one of the few at my school who make varsity as a flyer, so not to brag or anything but I’m a good asset to our squad. How can I get a perfect heel stretch and scorpion in three or four weeks? And how can I improve my balance? I can do a right scorpion in the pool, but not on steady ground.

Also, are there any stretches I can do to improve my splits? I’m about three inches off the ground in my side splits, and about a foot off the ground in my center split. I’ve been working on them for weeks and I can’t get any better. Any tips?

Thanks :)

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Well It isn’t the same but I feel you on this I have fieldhockey tryout’s around the same time and I’ve been doing legit nothing, I skipped 3 day’s of my camp but hey whatever. Just practice with friends.

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Not good advice but what ev’s

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You need to just work on your flexibility constantly. Warm up first. Stretch as far as you can and hold it for 1 minute. Then release, wait a minute, and repeat. If you never could do the full split then you may not ever physically be able to. But if you could stretch enough to do the stunts before, you can definitely get it back. Be determined. Good luck!

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do a barrel roll!

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Doing regular splits with you back leg elevated by something should help your scorpion. As for the other things you mentioned, you just need to keep practicing.

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well keep on practincing

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