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What's it like being in love? How does it make you feel?

Asked by irocktheworld (2119points) July 15th, 2009

Ive never been in love but ive had BIG crushes and i wonder if i ever will fall in love and how it feels :)

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Don’t rush things. It’ll come to you naturally. Then you’ll know.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Ok cool, ill keep that in mind :P

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It’s when you think about having children with them, without thinking about the sex…

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Ah it’s awesome dude!! You get butterflies in your tummy and stuff whenever the person talks to you or you see them

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My feelings on love are this.

You only truly love one person in your entire life.
I think that the word love is tossed around much too nonchalantly in this day and age. I’ve had many girlfriends get upset with me when I don’t say ‘I love you’ back when they say it to me. In my mind, the first time I’ll ever say i love you to a woman other than my mother is the night I ask a woman to marry me.

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@Tink1113 That happens now :O

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 WoW,thats very true
@Tink1113 I know!! i dont think i love him…do i?

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@irocktheworld I can’t know that, only you know how you feel

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@Tink1113 Your right..well whenever i see him i smile and blush and so does he and he knows i have a huge crush on him so im waiting for him 2 ask me out but maybe when school starts…

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The best thing I’ve ever heard about being able to tell if you’re in love is:
Being in love is like being hungry. If you have to ask yourself if you are, you’re not.

I didn’t fall in love until my late 20’s. It feels amazing.

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When you’re in love, you’ll want to do whatever you can to make the other person the best person he or she can be.

When I fall in love.. It will be completely…
Or I’ll never… Fall in love…...

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“What does it fell like to be in love, I don’t know, but I want to be there.” Verse to an old song that I can no longer remember.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Your answer just made me tear up a bit when I read it :)

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It’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

It gives me a head rush. A heart rush. The jitters and the butterflies. It’s everything I could have ever wanted, and more that I could have ever dreamed about. It’s complicated and simple all at once. It’s that feeling you get when you see that certain smile, hear that certain voice, or feel that perfect soothing touch. It’s the times when you wish you could scream from being so angry, but realize it’s not worth the fight. It’s all about the little things. The spontaneous moments and the exhilarating feelings that come with it. It’s like being high on life, every single day. Wanting to freeze time, stop the world from turning, just to stay in that certain place in time, forever. It’s uncontrollable, involuntary, incredibly stimulating, and most importantly it’s one of life’s little wonders.
It’s love.

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@chelseababyy Omigosh…i was about 2 cry when i read that :P

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@chelseababyy love is sooo sweet :)

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@chelseababyy lol yep, i wonder how i would act if i was in love? Im too younge to fall in love anyway :P But yep, i hope it will be with the person i want it to be and something 2 remember :)

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@irocktheworld I dont know how old you are, but you are not too young to be inlove, anyone can fall inlove, it is your own feelings and everyone has them

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I think your big crushes were a start; the kindling for love, and if it isn’t reciprocated or allowed to grow, than the fire goes out.

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It is amazing. Like nothing else in the world. It can’t be easily described.

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It’s a feeling you feel when you’re about to feel a feeling you have never felt before.

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You will fall in love. When you do, you’re going to love it. Love feels lovely. Once she loves you, she’ll never love another. You gotta love it.

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I agree with @ABoyNamedBoobs03 – the word ‘love’ is tossed around too freely and with little respect for the importance of what it really is. I’m not so sure that you will only ever love one person, but I only love one and don’t see any reason that might change. My girlfriend and I agree on this, and we never use the term lightly or as a parting statement like some do.

The world’s greatest poets, songwriters and authors have been trying for centuries to describe love, and I think that although some came reasonably close to the mark none have yet managed to express it in a way so someone who has not experienced it can understand it. I am no better than them, and do not presume to be able to describe the feeling. You’ll know if/when you ever experience it, and that will not come from a simple crush. If you’re convinced you’d die a painful death to spend just another day with the person, you’re getting somewhat close to loving them.

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well, its wanting to make that other person happy, without thinking of what they can giveback. making it an
unconditional love.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 I disagree whole heartedly… i think we live many life times over and love many along the way… to say we love one and only one would be a dark misfortune if, heaven forbid, something went awry…

In having said the above, Love is something that (in my experiences) consumes you, life ceases to exist as you once knew it, the grass is suddenly greener, the sunshine warmer, the days brighter, you feel open to the world, and ready to give yourself to any cause you deem fit…

If you are in love with someone (as opposed to just life in general) that person suddenly becomes the reason that you are alive… It is for them that you wake up in the morning, for them that you rush home from work to – they consume your every thought and penetrate the core of your being.

Though – this “love” is not always such a wonderful thing though – sometimes, falling out of love is just as good as it was when first falling into it – this of course, is circumstancial to the person of interest… And thats where the term ‘broken hearted’ comes into the equasion.

Either way, that feeling, the strong emotion that you get, you need to make the most of it, it comes so few and far in between it would be such a waste not to – regardless of whether its painfull or passionate! You will truly know of what it is like to be alive!!! (Whether or not that is a good or a bad thing depends on the object of your affections and if the feeling is returned or not)

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@justus2 Your soo right!!! :)

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Being in love is one of the most exciting and rewarding feelings in life. You can get addicted to it. The problem is that the “in love” feeling can’t last forever. It requires newness, for one thing. For another, you just can’t stay in a permanent state of excitement. It becomes your normal state, and is no longer excitement.

In love, should it last, becomes love, which is a more long term, but less exciting and compulsive thing. Being in love doesn’t necessarily guarantee love will follow.

I don’t understand the people who think there is only one person for them in life. I think that’s a fairy tale. The trick is seeing whether you can carry that feeling on to a more long term thing. I’ve been in love many times in my life. It carried on into four relationships of a year or more. I never wanted to marry anyone until I met my wife, who, perhaps because it was that time in my life, I felt like I could spend the rest of my life with.

That’s no guarantee. Marriage can be tough. Life can come between the two of you, and you can slowly grow more and more distant. Then other people start to look more and more attractive. So many people have affairs. Half the people get divorced. For them, there is more than one “ones” should they get remarried. Then again, some marriages are for convenience. For being a team. For helping each other through life.

I don’t think being in love should be given the import that most people place on it. I think it means more to young people, especially when it’s the first time they feel it. If you’ve felt it a number of times, you start to realize that it’s a kind of high that you want, sometimes over and over again. Some people, such as myself, are love junkies. It’s something I have to constantly work to stop giving into it. There are many wonderful women I’ve met —wonderful enough to fall in love with, although not, I think, people who I could have a long term relationship with. Anyway, I don’t want anything but to be able to get back to my wife and stay with her.

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I heard that love is caused by a hormone called dopamine and they last up to 3 years scientfically, love lasts for only 3 years and the rest is endurance. But idunno why I still have a crush on the same person fir 4 years…

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The good times: Floating, being so incandescently happy, not asking a thing more. Wanting to stop the moment and be with that person forever. Thinking about your future and your children, not questioning it. Not wondering if they love you back, knowing. You sigh then tell them how much you love them, sigh again, say it again and almost explode because you have no idea how to say it! You would do absolutely anything in the world to make this person smile.
The bad times: As much as you want to choke them, you refrain. You try not to say hurtful things because you know that they can’t be taken back. You would never honestly want to hurt them or make them doubt your love.
All the time: Perfect. Everything is going to be okay as long as they are in your life.

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@irocktheworld Anyway how old are you? I was always told I was too young for things and couldn’t stand it when I knew how I felt and stuff.

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@frigate1985 Dopamine is only one factor. It is a neurotransmitter, and is found in higher levels in people experiencing passion, but there are also many other factors such as the compatibility of pheromones and taste (from kissing) to match immune systems. However as far as I am aware we can’t yet reduce any emotion to a biochemical process. I think it is theoretically possible to do so, but as yet there are too many complex unknown factors.

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It really is similar to crack.

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@FireMadeFlesh: Celery for me, your right there is no biochemical process known, but you know there is one. India has convicted people on the brains neurological, or biochemical response, to certain questions.

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You feel really stupid and don’t stop to think if what you are doing is an awful idea or not.

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@DrBill I’m in love!

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When you’ve got it and it’s positive then it feels like previous pains are a distant memory and you see life and future in the face of another reflected back to you.

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You feel like ur in a kind of fuzzy haze sometimes and feel yourself smiling like an idiot all the time haha :) It is true that if you have to ask if ur in love, you prolly aren’t. It makes you want to do everything better, not only for that person, but for yourself and others in your life. It makes you question what was really important before too lol. I find that I am just content with what comes my way, and am excited for what comes next :) I am a sucka for love!

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@DrBill Are you saying that couples that choose not to have children are not in love?

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Early 30’s and I haven’t experienced it yet. Looking forward!

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