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What are some good sites for learning pro photogrpahy skills?

Asked by mirza (5042points) July 15th, 2009

So I got a Sony Alpha 200K dslr (it was only $308 with the lens, tripod, etc). I’ve never owned a DSLR and was wondering what’s a good site to learn more of photography. I’m looking for something around the lines of PSDTuts that provide simple instructions with lots of visuals.

Also does anyone have any experience with Sony DSLRs in general?

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This is my all time super duper favorite Digital Photography School

They have tips and tutorials. Equipment discussions and ratings. Post production. Assignments. It is a great, great site. Well managed, always current. Friendly as can be. Very much a work together and help each other out atmosphere.

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I would 2nd digital photography school the website. I would also recommend two things.

1. Pick up a couple books from. Scott Kelby, he has really good books to learn about photography.

2. Don’t think your a pro just because you have a SLR. A lot of people think that.

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The net is riddled with free photography tutorials. Here is another good starting point. Photography

There are also groups for different type of photography and camera lens systems on Flicker. Here is one of the best for your camera. Sony Alpha

I use several systems, Nikon for work, Minolta/Sony personally. The Sony uses Minolta glass, AF “as is” or the earlier MC/MD lenses with a small adapter. That means a lot of very good quality secondhand lenses are available that will (If they are any AF lens from the mid-eighties onward) work with the Sony’s inbuilt “Steady Shot” anti-shake system.

They have a simple, easy to use wireless control system for off camera flash work, something some other brands need to spend substantial money on to duplicate.

You have a very good entry level camera.

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Photofocus is a great blog to read. They publish a podcast, have critiques, offer lots of tips and always welcome questions.

After reading up on some techniques, the best thing you can do is go out and just start shooting. Carry your camera everywhere. You’re not always going to get the perfect shot, but you’re not going to get the shot unless you practice. And have fun.

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This is the best site I’ve found:

It’s geared towards amateur photographers who want to learn to take better pictures, but it has excellent explanations of photography terms and concepts. For example, this is the best explanation of depth of field I have ever seen.

It’s also geared towards digital photography and has equally excellent explanations of concepts unique to digital cameras.

No ads and no baloney, either. Very highly recommended.

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Have a look at these photographt tips to get you started: If you find a point that interests you research it in more detail. The Rule of Thirds gave me pretty quick results!

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