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Despicable or Brilliant: Modern-Day Advertising?

Asked by MarkHeftler (182points) January 5th, 2008

Are modern day advertising methods amazing or deplorable? Take for example, Domino’s new campaign – Pizza in 30 minutes or less. If you notice the commercials, the fine print at the bottom states that “safety is their main priority” and “30 minutes is only an estimate” or some such nonsense. The pizza will get there when it gets there, and if it’s over 30 minutes, A: that’s too damn bad and B: you don’t get any sort of reimbursement.
You could say anything in a commercial or advertisement as long as you say, somewhere, that it’s not true. And as long as it’s halfway believable, people will believe it.

Clearly it’s both despicable and brilliant – I just can’t decide which it’s more of. What about you?

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I was in the bath the other day and I was looking at a shampoo bottle. It said, “Get 35%* fuller hair.” and on the back next to the asterisk in small fine print said, ”*-with use of pantene hairspray”

How shameful. It made u think you’d get more hair volume by using the shampoo, but it was really referring to an entirely different product”


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Not that you’re asking for a lecture, but the best advertising focuses on an emotional context associated with a product or service. Fact (loosely speaking) based advertising is useful to an extent, but practically no fact based appeal ever comes close to one that evokes an emotion.

To answer your question, despicable. There’s nothing brilliant about hanging on to a pithy slogan, and there’s nothing brilliant about offering something that you can’t deliver. Pun intended.

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Think of the ads for diet programs – all of the people they show who lost weight using said program are marked as “Results not typical.” And none of them mention that if you ever go off that diet plan, you’ll likely gain back the weight. Nothing brilliant there. I vote for despicable and misleading.

It’s only once in awhile that a brilliant ad comes along, but most are crap.

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my favourites are for lite oils that refer to the colour rather than the calorific nature of the product

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