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How do you have a Moulin Rouge themed party?

Asked by ItsxJess (36points) July 16th, 2009

How would you decorate, dress, what kind of music would you dance to, etc.?

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you’d dress like whores.

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Well, considering Moulin Rouge is French for “Red Windmill”, that kinda helps with the decorating ideas.

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you drink shit loads of The Perfect Absinthe then you just do whatever feels natural :-)

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1) Women dress like whores
2) Men dress lie higher class men with shitloads of money
3) You all drink absinthe
4) ????
5) Orgy! i mean, Profit!

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@Thammuz GA all the way

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From a previous post, this party is for 16 and 18 year olds.

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@chyna, if it’s for 16–18 year olds, girls wear tap dance costumes or dance team try-out outfits, and some guy from theater dresses like Toulousse Latrec because he’s figured out how to do the short guy thing. The rest of the guys wear shorts, t-shirts and look like bros, because they’re too cool and too self conscious to wear a costume, especially in the middle of the summer. Everyone piles on the couch to watch the movie Moulin Rouge, eat pizza, and then watch “The Muppets Take Manhattan.”

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I have a feeling you chose it just to wear skanky costumes.

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