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Where do you keep your love letters (or emails or tweets or texts or whatever)?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) July 17th, 2009

What was your thinking in putting them there? Did you want to put them in a secret place, just for you, or is it just convenience? Or do you throw them away?

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I have kept the love letters of my youth (and a few from my middle age) in a metal box on a shelf in the laundry room

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I keep them in my inbox and am careful not to delete them.
but what I get are not love letters, I think what I get is a bit more interesting and enjoyable

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I save cute, lovey texts in my phone’s “saved texts” box, and I put love emails in a folder called “keepers.” I guess I put them there for the same reason I keep things that my exes have given to me. Partly nostalgia, and partly because I don’t want to forget any of my relationships, even failed ones. They teach you what to do differently, or what to look for in a new partner.

I’m getting a new phone in August and can’t decide what to do with my “love texts” actually. Let them die with my old phone? Import them to… somewhere? It’s tough. How much can you say in 180 characters?

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I have a box for my relationship with my husband. I’m terrible at remembering to put things in it we moved and I can never remember where it’s at But, I put everything in there. I usually print up emails so I won’t lose them.

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I keep love letters (the ones I have kept) with my other keepsakes in a box.

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I got rid of all my love letters from my last relationship. I didn’t see a point in keeping them. They were in a shoebox I kept under my bed. I recently found a Blues Clues valentine from my high school BF in a book bag. I think I’m going to keep that one. ;-)

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Me and my hubby have little journals that we make for each other and write things in them and we put pockets in the sides and stuff. We have boxes as well. We keep them put away but not so inaccessible as the attic or anything. I have keepsakes stashed everywhere!

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The only love letters I have left are etched into the pages of old high school yearbooks. I purged all the rest after breakups and my husband never wrote me any love letters. I’m thinking that maybe he should.

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I keep email from my boyfriend in a folder called “personal”. I ripped the letter my ex gave me at some point into tiny pieces in a fit of anger and I don’t regret that either

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They’re magnetically attached to a metal frame on a trolley (the house is in a state of chaos right now, don’t ask).

I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of them..

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I actually kept them in a box, which I passed to my 15-year-old cousin to read through and pick out the ones that she thinks are worth keeping. If not I think I’ll just dump the entire collection one day.

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I have a letter that I got via email over a year ago that I printed out. I carry it with me all the time in a secret place tucked away in my purse. I’ll always keep it.

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The ones that I kept, over the years – and the vast post-it note collection my husband has left me, are in a box in my cedar chest. Others that are no longer important or matter to me, gone.

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I keep mine in a safety deposit box. I have a faint suspicious that they might be lucrative some day, like when I sell them to Danielle Steele when she needs new ideas for a novel.

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In a big foot locker.

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I keep letters under my talking lobster

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I put them under my mattress

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I have poems from a particular friend that I’ve copied, pasted and then printed to keep for a few years now. It brings me a lot of comfort to be able to go through them in date order now and then.

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I feel so very uncreative all of a sudden. Everything he sends me electronically I keep in an MS Word document titled “I’m the luckiest girl alive” and everything he sends me handwritten, which isn’t much, I keep in my filing system.

In my defense, I use the filing system because I know I won’t lose whatever is in there. And I lose things.

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I keep them in a drawer next to my bed… but just letters though..

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I keep all my love letters. When my fiancé and I ended our relationship, I found it theraputic to take everything he gave/wrote to me and hide it away.

Maybe one day I will look at them again someday, but for now I like to keep them out of sight.

My current boyfriend and I save texts we’ve sent to each other because they mean something to us.

I love saving these kids of things, they are great momentos and in the future, I’d like to show my kids love letters I’ve recieved from their father.

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Oh, and I keep them in shoeboxes in my closet. The top has the name of the guy I dated, and the length of our relationship. Example: John Smith. May 2007 – January 2008.

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In a folder on my desktop marked “Babe” :)
all old love notes from smitten boys have been discarded

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Love letters/cards are in a shoebox up in my bedroom closet. Emails? From my the girl that I’m seeing now, they’re in a separate folder. I’m the only one that has access to this comp, though.

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Having read all of the replies I feel so heartless. I have never kept a love letter, text, online message etc. I remember and appreciate them but am not particularly nostalgic or in need of something to remind me how much a person loves/loved me so often dispose of them the same as most other things.
That is the best response I have heard to anything ever

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I keep the love letters in a pretty little box that I have tucked away in a closet somewhere. Sometimes I come across it when I’m doing a little bit of spring cleaning. It’s always fun to go through the old letters and poems from my past. E-mails have been deleted as well as texts. Technology just isn’t as romantic.

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I print them out a put them in the three ring binder in a bookcase. no one is any wiser where I hide them

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I save them in a box. Cards my husband has given me, I have some cards from coworkers when I have left jobs, and some postcards from family members, I save the very special ones, not everything.

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It’s so odd, but in the past I did get love letters (if I recall) I must have had loving emails? I never kept any. I am not really sentimental. In that way. Now I just don’t get any loll. God, my life is sad.

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