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What are some similar books?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) January 6th, 2008

I just finished the book I am legend and really really enjoyed it. What are some books that I might like?

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why did you like it? because it got turned into a movie?

or was it the scientist/zombies/last person on earth?

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I’d check out ‘World War Z’ by Max Brooks!

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jdvanderk: I liked it because of the way that it was written, every word felt necessary and it was a very bare bone book that happened to have awesome vampires and a badass protagonist.

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Haven’t read “I am Legend” but I am currently reading a series of vampire novels by Stephenie Meyer that are pretty fun. They are written for teens but the covers are classy enough that they aren’t TOO embarrassing to carry around, if you are an adult like me…

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maybe check out Chuck Palahniuk, i think youd like his style (i do).

also, some very popular, probably easy to find books (he wrote Fight Club, which I think is better than the movie in some respects).

His other books are great too.

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