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Can anyone explain to me the differences between how Emmy nominations used to work and how they work now?

Asked by dalepetrie (18014points) July 17th, 2009

I’ve been seeing stories all over about Family Guy being nominated for an Emmy. The stories start by saying that rule changes have allowed this to happen, because the new rules favor edgier content, and seeing this, Fox submitted Family Guy for nomination. I understand more shows are nominated per category as well. But that’s where most of the stories I read stop discussing what exactly the difference was.

Usually, they point out that no animated show since the Flintstones in 1961 has been nominated. Also, they point out the obvious, that the Simpsons, which in many people’s opinion (mine included) is perhaps the best most consistent show of any kind ever shown on television. But beyond decrying the unfairness of the Simpsons never being nominated in 20 years, and the shock of a program that makes a lot of puke and fart jokes actually getting a nod, the stories go no further.

So, what exactly were the old rules that kept shows like The Simpsons from getting nominated, and what exactly are the NEW rules that allow shows like Family Guy to get nominated? And why didn’t the Simpsons get the nod this year if Family Guy was able to be nominated, does it have something to do with the rules, or did they just not apply, thinking it wouldn’t matter yet again? What do you know, what have you read?

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It’s an ancient Chinese secret.

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@boots – it MUST be if no one answered the question, I suspected 20 or 30 responses by now!

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I actually laughed like that. :D

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The rules change that everyone is talking about is the fact that there are 7 nominees for Outstanding Comedy Program this year instead of the typical 5.

Basically, The Simpsons probably stopped submitted long ago when they kept getting the snub to live-action shows. But that didn’t stop them from taking home 13 Emmys over the years. They probably just wrote off this category and didn’t bother to try this year. Family Guy has only won 3 Emmys, so they probably submitted anyways.

Even the “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane wasn’t sure how to take the news. In an interview on Thursday, he said he was “psyched” but also burdened by what he described as “New England guilt”: “On the one hand, it’s really exciting and we’re delighted,” Mr. MacFarlane said, “and the other hand, we feel like, really, ‘The Simpsons’ should have been on this list in the 90s when they submitted. It’s kind of too bad that it’s taken this long for an animated show to reach that point, but we’re overjoyed that it’s us.” Source

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