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Does that P90X workout method work anyone?

Asked by ESV (468points) July 17th, 2009 from iPhone

you see the info mercials on tv with supposed ordinary people praising it, but of course that could be a paid lie like anything.

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I have not tried it but if you go on there are a lot of videos of real people tracking their progress, and I have not seen anything negative about it yet, and most things will have negative feedback but not P90X so far. My friend is really fit but she dosen’t have much muscle because she mostly does pilattes and yoga (plus the hardcore stuff too :P) and she really wants to try it. And also I’m sure there will be a full money back guarantee or something anyways. I think you should try it! :)

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it does if you do it correctly

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i am SO GLAD you asked this question.

Yes it does!

I am on day 68, and it is unbelievable. I highly highly recommend it.
And yes, I Am in the best shape of my life. i have never ever thought i could pull it off.
Just google or bing “p90x before after pics” and you will see how incredible it is.
I’m gonna have to go shopping in a few weeks as soon as I have some $ because every single piece of clothing i own (including underwear) is too big on me, and not just 1 or 2 sizes, but a lot!

Btw, all you need is:

1. TV/DVD player (although i use my computer to play the dvds)

2. pull up bar (I got an “Iron Gym” but if you have the $ get a “P90X® Chin-Up Bar” which is like 20 bux more )

3. weights (i started with 10 & 20lb and am up to 35lb soon going on 40lb)
I can probably do 40 or 45 (barely) but i want to have prefect form instead) so just get 10lb 15lb 20lb 25lb dumbbells (2 of each) I have the “HEX DUMBBELLS” I do NOT recommend the “all in one” where you can adjust the weights)

4. Yoga Block ( $7) I have carpet in my room, but get a Yoga mat too if you can.


6. water bottle

7. Chair (i use my computer chair, works ok)

8. stool (i use my round Ikea stool)

9. bands (this is to replace pullup bars or weights, but i don’t use them, get weights instead )

10. heart rate monitor (I don’t have one, but get it if you have the $ )

I promise you that if you do not see results after week 2 or even week 1, I will come to your house personally and refund you the money!

The 1st month, I was not even able to do some of the exercises, I mean not a single rep. but now I do the full rep or time (usually 30 sec. ) I’m still working on some, but I am telling you, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It’s the first thing i do when I get home from work.

also Make Sure you take a before picture of yourself and WRITE every thing down, make sure you start writing how many reps and lbs you do for each exercise from day 1.


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I’ve been on P90X for about 2 weeks now. It will kick your ass but is so intense, I’m loving it.

I’m trying to use it to bulk up, and build muscle, so far after just 2 weeks I’m seeing an improvement.

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