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Are there too many people on Fluther?

Asked by Mynamewastaken (21points) July 17th, 2009

On another thread answering, poll posing website I used to visit I will not say what one.
I stated on occasions too many people would destroy or dilute friendships or new friendships from arising, because it would be hard to keep track of new people and knowing them enough to know if they asked good questions and give good answers.
Another problem is with too many people, people will be unwilling to be deadicated to deliberating throught questions and working on answers, but would just try to answer as many questions as possible no matter how tedious the question they are.
Another point is attacks on a large scale, if 100 people dissagreed with my thread (no matter if I had better points or not) I wouldn’t be able to get back to all there comments and give good replies.

Plus much more.

With too many people you may end up being too much like Yahoo answers than you would like to be.

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Nope there is never enough Flutherites!!!
And by the way, Fluther would not turn into a Yahoo! Answers ugh

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The number of people currently on Fluther can be described in the same manner the Baby Bear’s porridge was.

It’s just right.

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I think the population number is not as important as the percentage of users who have something positive to contribute. Fluther has a very high percentage of users with positive contributions.

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And you don’t expect you numbers to go ever further upwards?

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Yes, fluther use to be like a small community, I loved it.

I still ♥ fluther, I just don’t spend as much time on here as I use to.

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Well, YOU’RE here. Did YOU make it too many???

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I’m new and I have felt very welcomed by fellow flutherites. I hope that is a reflection that this is a fluid community, and if you make a positive contribution, then the more, the merrier…

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it’s the mods what ball busters

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@Mynamewastaken . . .I have learned to never expect anything in my life.

It has made things so much simpler.

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There are a lot of users, but not so many regular contributors. People come and stay for a minutes or a few months, but there is a solid, not too large group of people who are a stable part of the bloom.

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I have seen very few questions with over 100 answers, but maybe that is because I have only been here a couple of months. If new people stopped joining the site would eventually die. It is normal for people to eventually stop coming to a site over time; you would eventually end up with no Fluther at all.

I am a member of another large site. People come, people sometimes go. I have witnessed new friendships being made between old and new members as well as between new members and other new members.

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I knew this was going to turn into an another argument

Removed by Me

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This shouldn’t stay that way, you don’t think Yahoo answers wanted it to become the“too lazy to type into Google” or “pointless question” of the internet?

Your fate lays ahead of you.

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@Mynamewastaken why the doom and gloom? Really, what is the point of questioning things. You are brand spankin’ new and already saying there are too many or questioning whether there are too many people here. It’s a little presumptuous, don’t you think?

Comparing Yahoo Answers to this is apples and oranges, this site is moderated and done so in a responsible manner. (in my opinion.)

Members fluctuate, come and go. Like the tide.

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Although there is a large number of Fluther members (answers in the past have shown statistical data on this from certain links), not all of them are active on a daily basis. You have a core group that participates here on a regular basis and with their contributions, it makes for a very well rounded Fluther. With that thought in mind, no, there are not too many Fluther users. Additionally, it’s nice to get new members with new perspectives, opinions, insights, comments, and answers.

@ABoyNamedBoobs03. Are the mods really ball busters (they aren’t, by the way) and why do you have to keep beating a dead horse? If I had a dollar for all the mod questions and bashing that went on here, I’d be independently wealthy.

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YES! That is exactly what I’ve been saying!
We should hold virtual rounds of Russian Roulette, delete the loser’s account, and blacklist their email/username!

Just kidding.

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There are way too many middle aged women on this site.~

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@jonsblond Wait, am I middle-aged? AM I too many?

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I’m not going to say anything about the mods here because I personally know many people who have came from another site that have had their accounts deleted because they didn’t agree with a mod.

I would like to add even with the exceptions you have talked about, sooner or later you will become increasely like Yahoo answers with influxes of members.

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@jonsblond What’s middle age? That’s about 50, right?

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@Bluefreedom lol I think all the mods on here know I’m just joking

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@tinyfaery if you expect to live to 100, sure.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Hey, it’s happening more and more.

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I don’t think there are too many. I personally can’t keep track of everyone, but I do know most people and little things about them…if I forget or mix up my facts, I doubt it bothers anyone since there are quite a bit of people to keep track of.
I think Fluther is what you make it.

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@Mynamewastaken – but the number of Fluther participants is important for a couple of reasons.

The greater the number the greater the collective pool of knowledge and experience to draw from.

If a person is truly open to the idea that he may think is ideas are right but wants to discuss the options, the best way to do it is with a greater amount of people. Sure you will get your over bearing obnoxious zealots but that is when you as a user can decide not to bother with answering them.

And finally not every question is taken on by the collective even if it comes up in their special box. If I see certain questions about computers or does he like me and there are enough people and good answers I don’t chime in.

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@tinyfaery Okay, I’m 38…certainly I’m not quite middle-aged, right? I still have a long way to go!

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@jonsblond LOL!! Lurve!!

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“The greater the number the greater the collective pool of knowledge and experience to draw from.”

Like Yahoo answer or Youtube? What have far greater numbers.

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I’ve finsihed with this now.

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This isn’t airow but we welcome participants who are interested in genuine dialogue. There’s no need to come in confrontational.

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@Mynamewastaken my point, way back up there, was that if you think there’s too many people on here, why did YOU join? CAK’s right. You’re new here. We’ve been here. So you think YOU can be just one more???

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@tinyfaery Uh, 50. Yeah. That’s it! ;)

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We’re still in our 20’s. After all, 30 is the new 20.

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You know. It really annoys me when someone throws a question out like this then says, “I’m done with this”. GRR. At least stand behind your question. We may not agree, but that’s okay.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03. I should have know that too but you know how it makes it easier to tell if you’re just joking? You could use the tilde symbol, ~, at the end of your sentences which is known for indicating sarcasm and/or humor in an answer. I apologize for second guessing you.

@Mynamewastaken. You wrote: I would like to add even with the exceptions you have talked about, sooner or later you will become increasely like Yahoo answers with influxes of members.

I hate to disappoint you but your conclusion is incorrect. Fluther will always be better than Yahoo answers and it will never become like it.

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@Mynamewastaken . . .You are unlike many Jellies what have more grammar.

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So you just joined, and this is your first question?! That is BS! Maybe you are someone who has been banned and came back just to start shit.

Oh and I’m sorry if I’m wrong

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English isn’t my first language.
So you could say I’m unlike many Jellies because I speak two (almost three) languages.

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@Mynamewastaken – You know, Welcome to Fluther. I can’t see any comparison to Fluther and Yahoo Answers, really. It’s just not the same. We have active moderators and the community flags things, too. We like difficult questions, not just, “Am I pregnant.” We like to think. If that is your thing, stay try it for a few days. If Fluther isn’t your thing, well, there are other sites.

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@Mynamewastaken . . .Perhaps you should master one before moving on to the others.

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@MynamewastakenThat doesn’t invalidate my point. In fact if their numbers bother you I would think that Fluther numbers would be more palatable.

I do see that your Fluther is made up of users from other sites similar to this who came here. Did they all have similar issues with those sites?

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It not about the quantity, its the quality.

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@Blondesjon: Are you talkin’ ‘bout me again?

@Mynamewastaken: What’s your native language? Welsh? Your English is pretty good, but you are a little long-winded, if you forgive me for mentioning this.

And how does one almost speak a language? Now that is an interesting question. (Blondsjon and I almost speak Finnish, I guess. Hang around for awhile and see whether you are amused, titillated, educated, surprised or bored.)

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AiROW is gone. I’ve gotten used to that. Until the new site comes up (if it ever does) I’m not even going to consider choosing another Q&A site over Fluther.

The number of people on this site actually isn’t too large. As the motto says, this is a site where everyone’s an expert on something. You need numbers for that. And the thing which keeps the stupidity level at a low on this site is the strict modding (something which I welcome heartily).

I liken this place to a small/medium village I just moved in to. You definitely can’t get to know everyone as quickly and personally, but given enough time and effort, that’s certainly possible. And if you don’t want to mix around with someone, hey guess what? There’re enough other people to make that not so awkward.

I guess another appropriate analogy would be one of a large tavern. People come and go, but some choose to stay and build their own houses/rooms, knowing that in doing so, they have to be responsible lodgers. And if they leave, well, we just take it that someone else will come in, not as a total replacement, but as another worthy contributing member to the community.

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If the numbers get too much for you, you can always go to “my fluther.”

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websites evolve just like tv shows evolve, relationships evolve, jobs evolve. i’m sure ben and andrew appreciate more users for greater advertising revenue. when i joined two years ago it was more intimate. now there are way more new people, but it is what it is. i’m not the type to get upset over stuff like that.

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Twenty people have posted in this thread so far.

Seven of them I consider old friends.

There are eight who I think of as good friends.

Two I don’t know (yet) but I recognize them by face.

There are two who I do not recognize at all, or who are new to me.

If my numbers are off it is because several jellies have posted since I started counting, and I have had to change my numbers several times.)

As cheebdragon said earlier, Fluther used to be more like a small community. But now that it is a moderate sized suburb, I still recognize those who have been around for a while, and those who have made themselves stand out. No matter how many new members join, those of us who know each other still see each other. New members who stick around and give quality answers soon become one of these well known jellies.

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@Mynamewastaken I speak about 6 different languages…and learn more on fluther!
you know you should appreciate people on Fluther. They are here to help…even when you’re down…they can make you smile…..with their comments..
So far, I don’t think this is going to turn into yahoo thingy. Fluther is much more different than yahoo and let alone…myspace website.
So many inside jokes I have with my fellow jellies/flutherites. :)
and I don’t even know them in person! well…maybe three or so :)

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this isn’t a polling website.

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I feel a little out of place posting on this since I joined… oh, 3 days ago. (Apparently I’m one of those new people who are ruining the integrity of Fluther.)
Anyways, I’ve spent a long time on Yahoo! Answers and I am thanking my lucky stars I somehow stumbled onto Fluther. I’m not sure if I’ll become one of those dedicated members who stay around all the time, most likely I’ll come and go every few weeks or months (I’m flaky like that when it comes to the internet). But, being here only 3 days has been wonderful.
The answers I’ve received have been genuine and helpful and insightful. I don’t think an increase in numbers would change that. All these people giving fantastic answers wouldn’t skimp even if there were more questions. I doubt they’re in it for the lurve, they’re in it to help people and make friends and whatnot.
Plus, as a new person I’ve felts quite welcomed. Y’all are nice around here. Also, I wouldn’t dream about asking the folks that wander around Yahoo! Answers where they store their PJs!

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@Mynamewastaken Excuse me, but what was your point in asking this question if you had already decided the answer for yourself and also decided to be rigidly closed-minded to differing opinions?

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@Mynamewastaken – A number of jellies speak more than one language. Several I know have a language other than English as their first language, yet it is difficult to tell because they write fluently in English.

In addition, no one has to answer questions they don’t want to answer, and you gain no benefit by answering only simplistic questions unless you nonetheless give great answers, because you are given points by fellow community members, not from the act of answering alone.

Are you somehow upset because someone else is already using the name you wanted to use?

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@aiwendil – you know we post about you when your not looking.

Just kidding! Welcome to Fluther!

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Ugh, this shit again?

It’s a community, a cultue. It will change, grow in numbers and evolve. It is what it is, what. the. fuck. ever. love it or leave it – it’s the internet.

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i don’t think so. there’s a lot of people, but there’s a pretty small amount of people that regularly contribute, which is the number that matters.
besides, more people = more input, which isn’t necessarily bad unless their input sucks.

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As long as there are enough moderators, and the founders don’t get tired of it, the number of people is not relevant. It’s when the owners of a site are in it for the money to the detriment of the users, that it deteriorates. I was with Yahoo!Answers from the very beginning, and saw it happen with my own eyes.

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I will stay only if petethepothead considers me a friend…even a casual friend. After all, we have shared dirty little secrets about gardening

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Only when the trolls are here.

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@petethepothead – Yeah me to. I want to be friends oh mighty pete!

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@gailcalled: Of course you are a good friend of mine. I hope you consider me the same.

@Bri_L: Yeah, you too! :)

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@petethepothead: That’s a relief. And I do. (We had enough rain in the past few days to drown your garden. The slugs are back.)

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eponymoushipster: i don’t think it’s up to any one of us to say it’s not a polling website, unless ben and andrew decide so. otherwise, if people ask polling questions and other people answer, it is what it is. if people ask polling questions and nobody answers, the polling questions will stop. from what i’ve seen, polling questions do get answers.

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@jca via

If your question is an attempt to connect with people (as opposed to an attempt to figure something out), like “Where is everyone from?” or “How old is everyone?” or “Are the Jonas Brothers lame?”, or it’s a yes-or-no, this-or-that question, it will probably be moderated — those questions are better suited for the chatroom.

in other words, a polling question.

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i have seen polling questions on here and they were not moderated. unless the rules have changed on this topic in say, the last six months.

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[mod says:] @jca Polling questions are against the guidelines and, typically, do get removed. Mods are online at different times and mod different hours. We can’t catch everything. =]

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i stand corrected.

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