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What activity do you look forward to most every weekend?

Asked by lilgiraffe (283points) July 17th, 2009
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Love me some Jesus.

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I love when the four of us are all together on the weekend, sitting in the family room goofing off. My husband and I instantly revert back to our childhood, with our kids and the giggling commences! :)

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Sleeping in.
Not getting out of my pajamas.
Being with my honey and my furry children.

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Definitely sleeping later.

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I miss having weekends.

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@casheroo no weekends? :(

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@casheroo, do your calendars go from Monday to Friday?

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The Sunday Morning routine:
Check Post Secret, watch This Week or Face the Nation or Meet the Press, listen to Edith Piaf while doing dishes/laundry, making Waffles for the family.

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@cak @SirBailey my husband has no days off, so I don’t get a break and no family time between us. I consider a weekend when my husband has at least one day off. It used to be sundays and mondays, but that went out the window long ago :(

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@casheroo I’ve been in those shoes before and it sucks. Good luck to you, my friend. I know how you feel. Enjoy those rare days, you deserve them!

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@casheroo, My sympathies are with your husband! I did the “7 days a week work” thing for years…You get up in the morning and you don’t have any concept of what day of the week it is.

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Nothing special happens on weekends. I kind of dread them actually.

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The chance to think and not just run on autopilot.

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Not going to work!

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Enjoying time.

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extra sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Karate class on Saturday morning.

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Reading the Sunday paper while sipping coffee and eating a bagel with cream cheese.

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Drinking and smoking too much :-)

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Spending time with my husband and daughter. Friday nights trying a new recipe. Saturday going to the farmers market and watching movies. A good bottle of wine and companionship with my husband who is also my best friend. Sundays are lazy days spent at home. Friends and family usually pop in. There is always something cooking and ready to be shared. We usually have jazz music playing in the background. Sundays during football season are always packed at my home. We are huge Saints fans and everyone comes over. There’s always too much food and often too much beer available on those days. We live for the weekend as our work week is super busy! Weekends are our time to reconnect with each other and all who are most important to us!

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Picking up my CSA box at the farmer’s market.

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Community Supported Agriculture. Basically my prepaid box-o-veggies. You get a lot of random stuff, which is kind of cool because I’d never had some of these things before. I like the challenge of figuring out what to do with them. Like kale—I’d never had it before except in soup but now kale chips are easily one of my favorite things.

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Cool. I’m not sure if I can get that here.

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Making waffles on Sunday and having time to sit with a cup of coffee and a book.

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spending time with my wife since we work different shifts and getting some work done around the house.

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