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Anyone here a fan of Lost?

Asked by vanguardian (845points) January 6th, 2008 from iPhone

can’t wait for the season to start, 2 hour premier. Just curious as to what everyone thinks is going to happen regarding the “rescue”.

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i am addicted to LOST! i wonder what is going on next! cant wait

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they’re not from the Dharma Initiative… might be like a rival “research” group.

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I was watching vh1 last night, wasn’t really paying attention. Looked up when I heard a commercial for Oceanic Air. Website at the bottom was Looks to be the start of some online competition thing.

Have fun.

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The rescue isn’t really going to be a rescue. Anyone who leaves the island will end up hating life. The Island has chosen everyone that’s there. If they leave they will pay the consequences.

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I’m obsessed. I watch every episode more than once. I listen to podcasts. I can’t get my browser to leave Lostpedia.

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Just joined Fluther, but long-term Lost fan!
(Even my username is a reference.)

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