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How can you check what speed you are connected at on a Mac and how much does your brand of router affect this?

Asked by alley (7points) December 9th, 2006
I have Comcast cable and a fairly soso Linksys router. How can I tell what speed I am connected at and if I buy an airport, or other, nicer, router, will I get better internet speeds?
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There are web sites that test your transfer speeds, one of them is: If you want the best speed, use a wired connection. Wireless(airpirt) is not as fast as using an ethernet wire. The router should not matter that much for speed, as long as it is a uses the 802.11g protocol.
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I agree with 'b'. Speakeasy is one of the best ways to test speed.
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I have a Linksys and an Apple router. As long as you keep the router firmware up-to-date on both models you should not have any speed issues. Both routers have a base firewall enabled that DOES slow down certain P2P programs. However this will not be an issue if you just use email / internet.
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