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If Life was a computer game, how good a computer game do you think it is?

Asked by lloydbird (8730points) July 18th, 2009

Are you enjoying it? Is it trying?Are you having fun with it or are you in difficulty?

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The graphics are freakin’ fantastic, but it’s awfully hard to get gold. I’d give it an 8

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5 marks out of ten…I can’t fly around or breathe under water….makes me sad

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If I could do anything on that darn computer a 9.45.

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The respawn system sure sucks. Back to the drawing board with that one. Oh, and where the hell is my health meter?

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I’m still learning the interface but it’s fun so far.

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Well the graphics are pretty cool, very realistic!

I love the savegame feature (at least the version I got). I’ve managed to complete the main objective quite easily (could be a bug though) but I’m stuck on the second level. Too many hard monsters to kill, and I’ve ran out of ammo, plus my HP and SP are running low and I don’t know where to get more. But hey, I like a challenge :)

The AI is pretty good. Most NPCs actually think they are human beings just like myself. One even got insulted when I pointed out he was a simulacrum! hehe

I’ll give it a 10 (simply because the other two games I’ve played for almost as long have disappointed me recently).

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Um, it’s called the sims? And it’s awesome?

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I’ve been playing so long now that levelling up seems to take forever. As far as the boss battles go, I’m holding my own and winning most of them. Graphics, playability, and character interactions are all well designed and entertaining. I’m going to go with a 9.5 out of 10.

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I’m loving this game, I just hit a new level this year!

Leveling was a painful process, but well worth the effort.
Some of those big bosses were pretty tough to get past.

Looking forward to the next challenges, but think I’ll just kick back with my new companions for a while and build my skills.

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My computer keeps crashing EVERY SINGLE DAY OMG!!!

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shitty… nice graphics but I keep going to jail whenever I try to chop someone’s head off with my battle axe….

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03; haven’t you figured out how to glitch through prison walls yet?

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I can’t seem to beat the boss. Do you have a cheat code?

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I like it so far, but I am sure there is no reset button. I’d like to go back and play it different, just to try and get the alternate ending.

that’s what I loved about the PS2 game The Suffering, you could play it three different ways and get three different endings.

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@Jayne no :-/. I only got the one where every one has long arms and a huge head… and no one cares about that one…

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It’s extremely frustrating. Each new day brings on an even more challenging level. Not only are the levels becoming more difficult but the game keeps decreasing the functionality of the controls. At first I had pedals for each foot and levers for each hand and finger levers for each finger. All have been rendered useless but one finger lever for the most part. The game also used to let me hit the pause button, rise out of my chair and stretch. The pause button is now out of my range so there is no stopping or slowing things down. On the other hand the graphics have improved as I see things with more clarity than before. And by playing smarter, I am amassing more points despite the challenges and increased difficulties thrown my way. It is frustrating, though. However, I still feel like I am winning but know that will not always be the case. And when it gets to the point where I feel I am no longer winning, I will just stop playing while in the loving arms of @sccrowell. See ya…

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@whatthefluther It breaks my heart to read something like that..

I love this game. And guess what? I’ll play it for the rest of my life.

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@whatthefluther you sir, deserve a dozen reset buttons, and a million lurve points. Your wisdom, courage and passion are an inspiration. May we strive to have even half of the good qualities you carry and none of the bad. I don’t doubt you have a few bad points, but I’m sure they are not important.

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I returned my copy to GameFly and decided to try COD4 instead of Halo for once.

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@Saturated_Brain….Sorry about that. It’s just a challenge…but I’m up for it! Perhaps if I had not crammed so much “living” into my life before my health went away, I might not have the outlook I have today, but I am satisfied to reflect and share memories and appreciate you guys putting up with that. So, no heart break allowed…just smile and say, “let’s see what the old fart has to say.”
@evelyns_pet_zebra…Very kind words, indeed. Thank you. I have my share of bad points, and some may even say I have sinned. But as you know very well, The Orgasmic Church of Evelyn, is very forgiving of such minor indiscretions. May the Orgasm be with you! See ya….wtf

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If life was a computer game, the points do not matter. Too many booby traps.. and the codes and passwords are simply, hardwork and intelligence.

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