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Where do you keep your dogs during the day?

Asked by RachelZ (162points) July 19th, 2009

My husband and I keep our dogs in our garage but they can go inside and outside the whole day! We also have 2 fans in the garage to combat the summer heat! Just curious what other pet owners do!

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I let my alaskan mal go outside when it’s cool meaning dusk/dawn and sometimes for a short time midday , usually she stays in the lowest level of the house where its nice and cool due to the tiles on the floor and part of wall are tiles.

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When I was living back home with my parents years ago, we would let our dogs roam in and out free. Then again they was well trained and one was a K9 police dog so he was very mature. In the winter they would come in the house and stayed in the garage. During summer we would move their dog houses outside so they could not sufficate in the garage due to intense summer heat. I guess it may depend on the area you live and how the temperature is.

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They stay in our house when we are not home.

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I’ve never had a dog that could go in and out during the day, by himself. Our dog stays inside with me during the day, he’s a min pin so being tied up alone for extended periods isn’t an option.

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I have an Alaskan Malamute that stays outside during the day but we have a tarp set up for shade and a kiddie pool to keep her cool.

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Max goes with me, I do leave him in the house if it gets too hot or too cold.

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Madison, our chihuahua, has free reign of the house when we’re home. We have her on a schedule for bio breaks and walks. When we’re not home or when we’re sleeping at night we keep her in a nice sized crate. It’s her little safe space decked out with her creature comforts.

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Belle my pug puppy sleeps in my room and goes all around the house as she pleases, but my other dogs stay outside. Not favoritism but the others are too big to be in the house.

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My dogs stay outside and they usually have the time of their life outside and some of my dogs,Tina,Oreo,and Mocha sleep and read with me when i feel lonely :P

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This requires a particular set-up you might not have, but if so, it’s worth a try. We have a sliding patio door, so we’ve enclosed part of the patio (covered) with lightweight fence sections fastened by zip ties, which makes it super-easy. THEN we leave the slider open just wide enough for the dog. On the inside of the slider is his wire kennel with the back panel removed and fitted flush against the slider. So he can go in and out at will, but he’s still contained. He seems content with this arrangement. As we’re leaving the house, he usually gets a Kong filled with peanut butter to keep him occupied.

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We have a teacup chihuahua, and he is the king of the universe.

We mostly leave the back door open six inches for him, with the screen closed, and the screen has flap cut in it that he can go through, when we’re home. When we’re not home the door stays closed and he stay inside with a fan on a pillow he can sit on if he gets hot.

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My delightful mutt is aloud anywhere in the house when we are at home, but gets locked in the kitchen when we are out. Our kitchen is quite big he has access to water and food and seems to be more than happy :)

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My dog stays indoors when I am not there. She can go into the kitchen, hallway and conservatory when I am out but I keep my lounge and bedroom door closed.

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My 12 year old akita and little brown dog plus the 1 year old dingo/heeler x own the house and allow us to live with them. They like the back door into the yard open 24/7, then they can go anywhere they please! It works well for all of us.

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My boxer is in the house in a huge crate when I’m not home. She tore the mini blinds off the window and ate through the drywall to the garage the first and only time I left her alone without crating her. I think she was trying to find me and has anxiety when left alone. When I am home, she has full run of the house and she has a doggie door she can use anytime she wants.

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The Border Collie goes in a very large crate, if we are gone for longer than an hour. (Short trips she is okay out and about. The princess of the house, the beagle mix, has full run of the house. The couch is where you usually find her, she’s getting older…slowing down a bit.

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Off topic, but @chyna, my brother has a black lab who wreaks havoc on the house if left alone. They also keep him in a crate when they’re gone, but he broke through and chewed up (get this) the carpet. Not like a rug, but the actual carpet was ripped from the flooring and eaten in a three foot wide circle.

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Our pets have the run of the house. We have a dog door that opens to the back yard, which the dog uses. The cat is confined to his owner’s room unless the dog door is closed, because we don’t allow cats to run loose outside.

In the past week, we have had over 100 degree weather every day, so the dog and cat just sit in the air conditioned house with me.

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@monsoon Luckily my brother is a contractor and able to fix my wall at only cost of materials. My boxer is a rescue dog, so I don’t really know what her issues are, but she is calming down so much more now.

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Well my grandmother live around the back of our house in a fenced off area so we keep our dog up there with her for company, but my she comes home at night to sleep. :)

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We recently moved to a suburban/rural area (sprawl ;), but it has an enclosed back yard for our Beagle mix…she’s fine going in and out of the dog door all day, and free reign over the house. She’s 12 (people years) and getting up there, so she sleeps almost all the time now, but when she gets the gumption, 3–4 times a day she goes out and sniffs around.

Come dusk though, we learned from neighbors to get small pets in the house-our hilly environs are a lure for the wildlife, who will apparently scale fences for a late-afternoon snack, if you catch my drift…so far no sightings but I’m considering getting some deterrents in place (up to and including non-lethal firearms)...coyotes and bobcats and a very occasional bear (oh my!)...the price of living amongst nature I suppose.

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