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Exterior white wood trim: gloss or semi-gloss?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) July 19th, 2009

I’m painting the outside of our georgian colonial and wondering whether I should use gloss white or semi-gloss for the door frame and window trim. Suggestions anyone?

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I’d go with gloss, as it would probably withstand the elements better. Try using the highest quality paint you can buy, and then, whether you go semi gloss or gloss really doesn’t make much difference.

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Gloss will give you best washability. Using semi is more of a preference when people don’t want to have a high sheen, but the quality is key as well as the prep you have taken before painting the surface of the trim. Using a good primer that adheres to previous semi gloss surfaces will also help.

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Definately gloss, if you get one with a Teflon additive it’s more hardwearing, easier to maintain and will stay white longer.

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High gloss, for sure. Oil paint is better for outside, too… but it’s a pain to clean up!

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When I was in England, I loved all their trims (often in great colors) but they were in high gloss. I did that on my house as well, and just love it.

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Yeah, the guy at Lowes said semi-gloss and I used that and it looks alright, but it doesn’t have that shine I expected. So maybe I redo with gloss? I just looked at the painter’s estimates and they all said they were going to use “satin”—that’s semi-gloss, right? Is Valspar a quality paint? Thanks!

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Valspar has a full range of paints from ‘budget’ quality to the very best quality. You need to base your purchase on the label. It will tell you how long your paint is expected to last and what the best use is for it.

If you have already painted, consider that a primer or undercoat, and go for the high quality, long lasting exterior gloss.

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The low end of Valspar’s offerings is what you’ll find at Lowe’s. Might do better to go to a specialty paint store. Paint is so much trouble, why do it again 20 years before you have to?

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if the trim is relatively smooth and has few defects, use gloss, unless your trim is kinda rough-looking (then use semi)

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