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Has anyone heard of this software?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) January 6th, 2008

I was reading about this software on a few weeks ago where you can record any sound that playing on your computer.. Which would allow you to record music off myspace for example.. I think it was 40$ or something to buy but I forget the name of it and I can’t find it on now…

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There is a program (which might only be for Mac) called WireTap. I think that costs around $40.

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If you need something to download music from just MySpace, then why even pay. You can use a website called File2HD to download music of MySpace. (heres a tutorial for myspace downloads using File2hd). Also theres a software called FreeMusicZIlla that does the same thing but its quiet clumsy and not user-friendly

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Well I wanted to know the name of it and then just get it free off of a torrent site

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I know of 2 programs that are actually free that do what your talking about. One you just start and stop and it records anything going through your computer. The other allows you to rout audio. I have to find the programs. I have them, but I don’t have a good memory. Sorry. I will get back to you.

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can use audacious for Linux

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Yesss…the one I know about is for Mac OS X:
Audio HiJack Pro by RogueAmoeba

It is excellent and does what it says, and highly customizable. It’s a legal program, but as for copyright infringement etc., you’re on your own buddy (but you knew that already I’m sure)...cheers :)

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Used to be AudioX was free but no more.
There’s also Wiretap.

Both cost money now.

I swear I had a third program that let you rout audio dag nabbit.

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