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How do you make your Sim teenager "woohoo"?

Asked by Cindymindy21 (4points) January 6th, 2008

In other words, how do I make my teenager have sex in The Sims?

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You can’t. Unfortunately or not, The Sims has built-in morals :)

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You can do it with Young Adults in college, but with teens… no way.

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theres a video on youtube called
Sims 2 cheats (new cheats discovered)
from HayleyKennell

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you have to download the InTEENmenator (idk how to spell that correctly). I allows teens to do Woohoo, get pregnant, and get married. I think it may do some other stuff too, but i’m not sure what.

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Its simple. First, just make 2 or more adult sims(make sure there married). Then press ctrl+shift+c. A cheat box will open. Then type in ‘boolprop testingcheatsenabled true’ (without quotation marks). Do that step again then type agesimscheat on. Do it once more and type in move_objects on. Click on your sim and click “set age”. Then click teen. Go into buy mode and click on the sim and press delete. With the other sim, hold shift on the sims then click ‘spawn’ then ‘Tombstone of L and D’. Then click on the tombstone and press bring back family member, then click on the name of that sim. Then do it with the other sim. Wala! You have 2 teens who can do anything that adults can do! (Also available for all toddlers,children and more) =]
Hoped that helped!

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So I don’t know wich Sims ur taking about but in Sims 3 u just type in testingcheatsenabled true (don’t forget the space) then have 2 adult Sims start to try for a and baby when they start cuddling pause the game and shift-click on one of them and click edit Sim in create a Sim and make them a teen then do the same to the other Sim and un-pause the game if u here a chime at the end ur Sim is pregnant
(The teen girls body may dissaper while shes pregnant)

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