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Why do comcast remotes have picture in picture buttons?

Asked by Fallstand (1125points) January 6th, 2008

Now I’m sure not all comcast remotes are the same but almost everyone’s house I go to has the same one as mine.. But why do they have PIP buttons if it doesn’t work? It would be a great feature to include dont ya think?

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I’m in Chicago and the Comcast remotes here have that function too. I think the reason for having it is for future use if they ever decide to enable the feature.


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The reason the remote has a PIP button is because it is a universal remote. If you code the remote to work with your TV, and your TV has PIP, you are able to use the button. Comcast is not able to enable PIP through their service. PIP is a feature strictly sold on televisions.

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Not really, the dish network DVR box has a PIP feature and it works well.

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actually your all wrong. you see the pip buttons aka picture in picture. and they have the black cable box. if they have the silver cable box then the pip button will work. silver box aka DVR

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Poker I think you’re wrong, I have the silver DVR comcast box, and my pip doesn’t work

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In the DVR manual it says the PIP buttons are ‘reserved for future use’ so I figure they don’t have the bandwidth to support both tuners cranking at the same time right now….prob 6m or a year from now they will enable it. It doesn’t seem to work on my TV (LCD HDTV) when I select it on the remote so it may just be useless now. Bummer, it would be sweet!

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