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Is peanut butter commonly sold/eaten in Hungary?

Asked by zina (1650points) December 10th, 2006
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i had the problem i think you are having in argentina many years ago -- no peanutbutter anywhere. try middle eastern food import stores for the "all natural" kind, otherwise have someone send it to you in the mail from the us.
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Well, we're not there yet, but we will be soon. I was thinking of bringing some as gifts for friends - but only if they can't normally get it. I know this is the case with much of Eastern Europe, but I'm not sure about Hungary. (I experienced this in Argentina as well, and in Central America.)
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Peanut butter is almost never sold or eaten in Hungary. There is, as far as I know, only one place to get it in all of Budapest, and that was in a Chinese import/export foods store underneath the main covered market in the city. I got it once, and have to say it was pretty poor quality.
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Peanut butter is quite rare in Europe generally.

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