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I have a bug in my ear, should I be worried?

Asked by ShanEnri (4409points) July 20th, 2009

A bug flew in my ear and then it crawled further in. I can’t feel it anymore and can’t see the bug. My ear started bleeding a little when I put a wet Q-tip in there. What to do now?

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No, it will be’s the bug who should be worried.

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Run around screaming and flailing your arms

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I think you shouldn’t stick anything in your ear. Wait for hearkat.

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Do what @Capt_Bloth said but make sure you scream “There’s bugs in my head!”

I had a bug in my ear a few months ago. I just put a little peroxide in my ear to wash him out. But if it’s bleeding, it may be possible for it to get infected (or at least I think it would).

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Was it by chance an Earwig?

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I would probably try pouring some warm water in your ear. Or use the bathtub and put your ears under the water for about ten minutes. At least it will be dead. A q-tip is just going to push it in further.

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I’m not sure anybody in here is a certified M.D., so I’d call one up just to be 100% sure.

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@Fred931: Actually, we do have a couple Physicians in the collective, and I’m an Audiologist (thanks @Casheroo).!

@ShanEnri: Never put anything in your ear, especially now!

This is not uncommon, so it is good that you aren’t freaking out (but @Capt_Bloth made me laugh!).

If the pain has diminished and you aren’t detecting any movement, the critter is probably dead or close to it. This is one of the purposes for having wax in our ears… it traps the buggers.

However, having blood means that there is broken skin somewhere, which means increased risk of infection. So call your primary doctor first thing to get referral to an Ear Specialist (a.k.a. Otologist or Ear, Nose & Throat/ ENT/ Otolaryngologist), if you are not already established with one.

If you do detect movement, some say to shine a flashlight in your ear (careful not to burn yourself!) and the bug might be attracted to the light.

Since I’m not a physician and don’t have firsthand knowledge, I can’t advise you on whether putting water or peroxide in you ear would help. We might speculate that the critter would swim or float ou, or drown… however, it could panic like mist living creatures, and because it is stuck, it’s insticts might bd to burrow – so don’t try it until advised by a physician.

If it gets painful or there’s more blood, substantial change in your hearing, dizziness, or ringing in the ear, go to an immediate care facility.

Good luck, feel better, and please post back to let us know what happens!

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@everyone! I thank you for your responses. No movement for about an hour. I did panic! I didn’t run around but I did flail a bit and woke my hubby. He laughed! Don’t think it was an earwig, unless they fly. Tried the water and all, nothing. Too late about the Q-tip though. As long as it doesn’t start moving while I’m sleeping…I’ll call the doc tomorrow! Thanks again everyone!!!!

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If you haven’t seen “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”, now is not a good night to watch it.

Most times, those little buggers leave without you knowing but calling a doctor is never a bad idea.

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Not at all. Just leave a little food and water near the opening of the ear canal and your bug should do fine.

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If you hear thoughts in your head in an unfamiliar voice, then it means the bug is still alive and trying to communicate with you…

…or control you.

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This happened to me and the bug was very much alive for more than an hour, periodically flapping its wings. I felt like I was trapped in a Joseph Conrad novel. I can tell you I did scream all the way to the ER while putting finger marks in the steering wheel.

Thank goodness, they understood my horror and took me right away. People, things are just not supposed to move injside your head. it is a horrifying sensation.

First, they used an ear ointment to smother the bug so it would not flap. Then, the doctor used warm running water (through plastic tubing) to flush it out. It was a moth—not all that small either.

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@Marina eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :o(

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@RocketGuy uh no, think it was just a gnat!

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@ShanEnri – so what was the outcome? Did you go to the Dr?

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No! It washed out with some warm water drops. I guess I killed the poor bugger and no more bleeding or soreness. So I save my money! Thanks again to all!!!

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i have a bug in my ear now and i have tried and tried to wash it out but it’s no good. was it just water that you used or another type of liquid?

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This happen to me last night with a christmas beetle , I had a shower cap on , and it must of been in my hair, and crawled in my the ear. I can relate to early post, the pain is agony . The ambo didnt know what to do, but once in hospital they pour olive oil in my ear to drown it .My advice in this situation is also to reduce audio , and that make the bug move. They removed it on the thrid try with a alligator clip. Oh , and on a side note, when the ambo pick you up, grab your keys and mobile phone ! It was no fun being stuck stuck outside, at 3am. Couldnt wake my flatmate.

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I had a bug crawl in my ear while i was asleep last night. I am very freaked out cause i work up when i felt it crawling on my ear and i smacked at it a little and thought i knocked it off but as i tried to go back to sleep i feel it crawling in my ear. It was painful and terrifying. My husband was horrified when i jumped out of bed screaming but was laughing as i was telling him what had happened. i squirted water in there with a syringe and sucked it back and i could still fell it moving so it did the same with peroxide and it quit moving but i never could get it out. I guess its still in there. i am terrified of bugs. two days ago i had an anaphylactic shock from a bee sting and i am still freaking out about that. what is it with all these bugs attacking me. Should i be worried. there is no pain but a dull ache every now and then. wht should i do?

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A few days ago I was asleep and a bedbug crawled in my ear, I washed it out with hot water and cleaned it out with proxcide and I feel a lil pain in my ear and the bug hasnt been moving so is it dead or do I keep cleaning it or what cause I dont want anything bad happening?

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I have had a roach crawl in my ear and it can be sacry and yes i did panic. Get to the ER if you can. If not, take some Mineral oil to suffocate it. use an ear flush to try to wash it out. If it will not come out, get to an ENT asap. Right now, i went to the hospital for mine and they used saline soulution with Ladiocaine to kill it. They got part of it out but i have to go to an ENT myself. IF you do go to the hospital, they will give you an antibotic ear drop (and yes it is expensive so be ready for that).

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