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What do female college students wants to know more about?

Asked by MsJBossy (7points) January 7th, 2008

I am plan on starting a blog aimed towards famale college students. A one stop for everything type blog. With everything from college advice to fashion trends. I want to know what topics interest the everyday college student? When you in the dorm, and search online for something to read about what would interest you most? Anything that comes to mind would be a big help? I already know about Making money, makeup sex, relationship advice, hair, drinking but on an more serious note… What else do you inquiry about?

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I personally would like a more career-oriented resource… reviews of employers, tips on how to break into an industry, internship opportunities, mentorships, etc. You get the picture. I would have loved to have a website like this to turn to as a young undergrad.

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Personal safety, like how to protect and defend yourself in various situations (date rape, walking alone at night, etc.).

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If you want this to succeed, your best bet is probably to talk to actual female college students and get them to write about things they are interested in.

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* Cheap fashion finds
* Securing interesting internships
* Actual descriptions of the kinds of jobs that are out there, and what their daily duties look like
* Practical fun ways to eat healthy on campus. Something like this:

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Another good topic would be tips for nontraditional students. I didn’t go to college straight out of high school. Didn’t get to university till I was 27 (just graduated, woohoo!). It would have been wonderful to have had tips on how to deal with typical college life as an older student. And how to deal with part time school while working full time.

Other good topics would be sororities, depression & anxiety, coping with dorm life, having a job while in college (including work study programs), financial aid and other money issues like credit cards, dealing with sexual harassment, college life at a community college vs. a university.

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Some other good things to know: how to talk to professors and school administrators, how to make friends, balance between work and school

It would be really great if you could have sections for specific colleges, because a lot of etiquette and tradition is very local and specific.

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