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How can I patent and sell my awesome vocabulary development curriculum?

Asked by sarahsugs (2906points) July 21st, 2009

I am a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher and my colleagues and I have created a vocabulary development curriculum that I think is brilliant. We are still revising and adding to it, but in essence the idea is formed. It worked wonderfully with our students last year, and we are working on plans to make it even more effective this year. One of my colleagues suggested, half-joking, that we should patent and sell it. We all laughingly agreed, but it started me thinking…why not? I have no idea how one would go about starting a process like that. Whom would I contact? What would I prepare? What questions would I ask?

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U.S. Patent office to see if it has already been patented.

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This should answer some questions for you. Good luck!

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If it is written material I am not sure you can patent it. I think the thing you can do is copy right it. This link to the US Patent Office explains the difference.

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@sarahsugs So what happened? I’d love to see it – or buy the book – for my grade two and three kids.

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Well my co-teachers and I continued to use it over the past year and a half and it IS completely awesome. However we never turned it into book form or anything easily reproduceable…that will have to be for another year.

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Can you give me some examples?

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