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Is it safe to feed raw ground beef to dogs?

Asked by deepseas72 (1076points) January 7th, 2008

And is it recommended? What other “non-dogfood” foods are healthy for them?

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Check with your vet, as I am no vet. . . Wild dogs eat raw meat all the time; it is no secret that dogs are carnivours. To be safe though it is better to cook it to kill any contaminates that have gotten on the meat in the journey from carcass to dog bowl.

There are plenty of resources on the internet that talk about dog diets, including non “dog food” diets. You should be able to find good lists of appropriate food.

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Are you talking about as a treat or as a diet? The “BARF” diet (bones and raw food) has plenty of information on the web- it takes a serious dedication to creating a balanced diet and preventing spoilage. Personally, I hate the diet…..I don’t know how many rotties with chronic diarrhea I’ve seen in the clinic.

Dogs with obesity issues are often prescribed green beans as a good item to deal with hunger issues for the dieting dog.

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We always fed our dogs the same things we ate: potatoes with gravy, meat. chicken, leftovers, carrots and green beans all mixed into and mushed up in the potatoes.

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there are several other raw-based diets for dogs aside from BARF, some of which sound like they might be worth looking into. If i remember correctly alot of them say to feed very little red meat, i dont recall the reasoning but i wouldnt be surprised if it was for similar reasons as humans should minimize red meat. If you are looking to feed a raw diet send me a message and i’ll email you a pretty well-written article I have. I don’t have a dog, I am on a countdown til my lease is over so I can move into a more pet-friendly living situation, but I have been researching for a while because i figure it will be smoother if I don’t have to scramble for answers with a puppy around.

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My best gues would be to check with your vet first. In my opinion I don’t see it being very safe, as it isnt safe for us to eat. There can be harmful bacteria within the meat, and may lead to heart worms, or some other illness. I know that rice is a safe food to feed dogs, we usually mix it in with my dogs regular dry or wet food. He loves it and it helps when they are sick, at least for him. But for the most part we try not to feed him any table food, it can make them become over weight if you are not careful. The rice is usually a treat given every once in a while or when he is ill. Your dog needs a well balanced diet just as we do, and your vet will be able to tell you trhe right diet for yours.

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Dogs don’t seem to have a problem eating poop.

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how raw is raw? by that I mean are you fairly certain the the beef is free of worms or other parasites? if you have your animal regularly vaccinated and dewormed, go for it. otherwise, play it safe and don’t go there. cook the meat & throw in veggies and a grain like rice. you can take two cups rice to a pound of meat and 2 cans mixed veggies. cook it all up & they will love you for life!

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it’s ok to give dogs human food but it won’t have all the nutrients that it will need. you should try using dog food. they’re a bit more expensive but at least it will benefit your dog. you should also get quality pet food containers so that it won’t get stale and be a waste of money. read more about it here:

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The French eat raw ground beef so it must be safe to feed it to dogs.

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it’s perfectly fine…i give it to my dog everyday along with raw egg yolks (uncooked without the whites). Here is a link for further info on raw meat My dog never eats cooked meat, raw is best.

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