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Suggestions for a lesbian bar/lounge here in NYC?

Asked by Deepness (1145points) July 22nd, 2009

I’m a male. My gf completed all six seasons of The L Word. She’s curious. She wants me to take her to a lesbian bar/lounge. Any suggestions on one that is boyfriend-friendly?

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Also, preferably someplace that’s not too loud and has a good afterwork crowd.

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I have no answer for you but I wanted to note that your topics are great xD

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Try Henrietta Hudson probably good for both more lipstick than butch. For hardcore go to Meow Mix

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Suggestions? Have fun!

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@softtop67 Yeah, I don’t think my gf would be into butch types.

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Most of the best gay bars in NYC are usually mixed gender. Everybody get’s along and plays nice. You can probably find a “mixed crowd” in any bar, but specifically lesbian bars? I have no idea.

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