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What do you get when you combine a super mom with a city mouse in the country? Another 10K member!

Asked by fireside (12339points) July 22nd, 2009

While reading through the congratulations for dalepetrie, I noticed that Supermouse is now at 10001 lurve! Hurray!

Will you join me in congratulating this wonderful Flutherer?

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Way to go Supermouse!

A cherished Flutherite enters the hallowed halls of Fluther Fame!

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Well you can’t just be “Super” anymore.


Congratulations to one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever met here in Flutherville. Very well deserved.

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Come on guys, let’s all pitch in for a new cape.

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Geez! They’re coming in waves. Run for your lives! It’s a 10k invasion!
Btw, congratulations to SuperMousie! Swiss cheese for everyone!

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OMG!! Another one?! jk
Congrats Supermouse
there ain’t gonna be any more room left for us in there :(

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Congratulations to my favorite mouse! I always look forward to your posts. You’re one awesome Jelly! :D

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@peyton_farquhar – I’ll call Edna Mode right now!

Hooray, SuperMouse!

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Gouda and champaign to all!

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Congratulations! It couldn’t have happened to a better mouse. :-)

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She’s even getting to be a Super Fit Super Slim Mouse!

Congratulations to a super mom, a super lover and a super Jelly!

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@aprilsimnel: Lurve for the Incredibles reference.

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What a day! Congrats, SuperMouse!!

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Yay!! Congrats SuperMouse!!

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SuperMouse! Hurray! You are by far the most superest mouse I have ever known. You are now Supreme Mouse!

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Another party! I just left Dale’s party (I will retun Dale) after seeing @fireside‘s notice and link and ran over here…OK, I wheeled my way over, but real, real fast (what a rush….sorry to all whose heels I clipped en route, and thanks for the link @fireside). As I did I looked out my window and saw the Verdugo hills around me basked in the warm inviting sunshine of Southern California and simultaneously thought 1). there is something very noticeably missing here and, 2). I hope all those bastards, I mean those fine folk living in those cornfields of Nebraska know how fucking lucky they are to have her there. And of course, that which is missing here, but present there is none other than my most dearest @SuperMouse…the jelly whose warmth and kindness stole a big chunk of this jelly’s heart when I first tip-toed onto this site, many, many moons ago. I know you know it, but I’m going to shout it: I LURVE YOU @SuperMouse!!! Congratulations on the big milestone…your induction into the 10K Lurve Lounge is very well deserved! But be careful….I understand that damn monkey is loose up there and not even a printout of all of @dalepetrie’s posts can slow him down. See ya…

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@whatthefluther You ran over my toe :(

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@Tink1113…Sorry, kid. Hop on…I’ll give you a ride to the next question…........

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Another great jelly joins the 10K club. I know, I drive down the prestige. Congrats!!

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Where’s Dale’s party? I can’t find it. (I want to duo party too!!)

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This is practically becoming a daily occurrence! Congrats, SuperMouse.

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Dale’s party is here.

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Let me say that it is truly an honor to share the achievement of the 10k milestone with you on this day, supermouse! Enjoy the accolades that have been posted and which are sure to still come, you have earned them.

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@dalepetrie You already earned 111 lurve points in a few hours? Your on a roll

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Whew! Running back and forth is great exercise!

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@Dog: Even with four legs.

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@cprevite And carrying the trays of food in my mouth.

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@Tink1113 – it’s all the people showing their lurve for me today!

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@dalepetrie Well lucky you :)

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Yayy, SuperMouse!! :)

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Here she comes to save the daaaaaay!” SuperMouse, you are my hero. :)

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Yay! Well deserved, Supermouse!

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More power! =D

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Hey—congrats Supermouse!! Sorry I didn’t see this until now. Great job!

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Congo rats supermouse. Cake for all. Now will you bring back stuart?

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Jeeez, you should have these celebrations on Australian time, I always sleep through them, but congratulations, a little bit late!!!

What about Blondesjohn, did I miss his or has be been at the amazing mark for a while and I never noticed???

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:O you missed @Blondesjon’s

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Oh No! I missed @Blondesjohns! It must have been last week while I was on my internet holiday. I am so ashamed.

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Supermouse you rule,
We are better thanks to you,
Please go for twenty!


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@rooeytoo and @Dog
Oh yeah, you missed “pancackes” and “frozen cats”

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@Tink1113 – link me to it please, I am always late so this time I will just be even later!!


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@rooeytoo Here ya go, enjoy ^_^

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Aww, you’re the nicest fluther of jellies a mouse could belong to! Thanks and lurve all around!

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YAY! The mouse is in the house!

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Bring out the cheese!!

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Gotta get the Gouda.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congrats, to a wise Jelly!! Always enjoy reading your responses. :)

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Where was blondesjon’s party? I missed it!

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Link is above :)

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You are one of my favorite jellies supermouse. You are a person who is able to stick by and state her convictions without being offensive. This is a trait we should all strive for (myself being at the top of the list).

Don’t ever leave and I will keep you knee deep in various Stuart Little avatars.


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Oh, no, I didn’t miss it—I just forgot! <blush>

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Congratulations to a wonderful Jelly and a most excellent Supermouse! Welcome to the 10K Club! Great job!

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congratulations to a lovely jelly with one of the best avatars ever.

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It’s a bird
It’s a plane
No, it’s wise SuperMouse!

Congratulations, uberrodent! You are a great part of the collective.

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@Marina “Uberrodent” classic!

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There’s a mouse in the house! Woot! Congrats!
oops I guess @Dog beat me to it. I guess I should read before posting :(

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@elijah No problem. Around here we call that AstroChuckitis. Happens to everyone from time to time.

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No need to grouse just because the rest of us aren’t in the 10K club! Congrats, Supermouse!

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Eeeek, I’m late. All the best wishes to one very mighty mouse indeed! Congrats.

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