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What does it mean when an apartment listing says Section 8 tenants accepted?

Asked by justus2 (851points) July 22nd, 2009

I am looking through some listings and some of them say section 8 qualified tenants accepted, what does that mean?

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Section 8 is like food stamps but for housing. So basically poor people receiving government assistance.

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What @kevbo said. The government basically subsidizes their rent.

My mother-in-law had a Section 8 tenant for years. The tenant aid part of the monthly rent and the remainder (majority) came in the mail (via check) from the State of Massachusetts directly to my MIL.

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There is usually a several year waiting list to get a section 8 voucher, but it subsidises the rent. A lot of landlords (me included) choose not to accept section 8 vouchers because they have a different set of rules for evicting someone, and because they take at least 30 days (while you’re not collecting rent) to approve the dwelling.
Because it takes so long to get the voucher, most people who get section 8 are lifelong welfare recipient’s.
There are some exceptions. My sister was a single mom working for barely more than minimum wage. The working poor are eligible as well. My sisters problem was that every time she got a raise her rent would go up and her food stamps wold go down. She finally worked her way off the system and is doing pretty well (now that her kids are grown) but it was a hard battle.

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Cray ex-army GI’s allowed.

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I’ve lived in some places that would take section 8. That can be a good thing. It also means the landlord will work with inspectors and is somewhat attentive to complaints because they have to be.

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i used to work for section 8 and they are very specific about how much you can earn, reporting income, who lives with you, what you need to do or have or not have to qualify.

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Section 8 means the landlord is guaranteed at least part of the rent every month, but that at least some of your neighbors may have questionable job skills. Others will just be poor.

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section 8 means housing assistance from the government. the government will pay of your rent and your security deposit. being on government assistance either means you’re too poor to afford housing or you have some type of legitimate disability. there are certain requirements one must meet to be on section 8. some don’t like to rent to section 8 because even though they get their rent on time every month it is a higher chance of bringing in crime and drugs

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