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Do you think it's likely that the Democrats will come out with a Clinton-Obama ticket for Nov 2008?

Asked by mdy (1147points) January 7th, 2008

Or will their two camps be so badly divided and so clearly differentiated that a team-up like this would not be electable?

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I think they’re too divided. I don’t think either of them could function as the vp anyway.

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Echo what perchik said-don’t think it would benefit their party to do so due to their differences on issues.

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Actually I think it would be more likely for Edwards to join either Obama or Clinton, instead of Obama joining Clinton.

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I definitely do not see Obama and Clinton joining – there was a lot of talk early on about whether they would butt heads or keep the prospect of running together open. I think it is safe to say they are butting heads. I also don’t see Edwards running with Clinton because he has so vehemently opposed her thus far. However, i think he would be very open to running with Obama. He has said numerous times that Hillary represents the “status quo” while he and Obama are both advocating change – though different approaches to change.

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Being a New Mexican, I have to throw my hat in for Richardson as VP. I think an Obama/Richardson ticket would be pretty cool.

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@kevbo, I agree that an Obama/Richardson ticket would be pretty powerful, but I think it’s more likely that he’s auditioning for Secretary of State. I think Obama/Edwards is the most likely outcome based on what I’ve seen so far.

PS: I didn’t know you were a New Mexican! I was living outside Albuquerque before moving to New Zealand.

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Thanks all, for your quick and thoughtful responses.

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What about Clinton/Richardson? Getting a governor on the ticket wouldn’t be a bad idea for Obama or Clinton. The point is, who can seal the deal against whatever Republican they run—and who can stand up to whatever mud they sling. And there will be much mud.

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@skfinkel, One of the things that comes with being in public life for 35 years (as Hillary is quick to note) is that there is a lot more dirt to dig up than for someone who is relatively new on the scene.

Obama inspires people. He draws huge crowds wherever he goes. He helped create by far the biggest turnout in Iowa caucus history. He draws people into the process who are jaded by years of triangulation.

Clinton strikes many people (me included, and I consider myself well left of the Democrats) as a cynical, insider, career politician. I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her. With Obama, I think there is at least a chance that America will rise to some higher expectations.

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Latest polls show Obama opening up a double-digit lead in New Hampshire.

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The perception of HRC as status-quo is a meme created by Republicans to knee-cap the Democrat’s most effective and powerful politician and to leave the field open to a “hopeful” candidate they can pick off at 100 yds.

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@ Eight—While that may be true (conspiracy theory-ness aside), it doesn’t make it any less accurate.

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some interesting color commentary?!

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@Eight, I disagree. I’ve been disillusioned with HRC for at least 10 years now. I’ve stated before, I’m no Republican. In fact, I’m left of the Dems on pretty much every issue. I’ve followed Obama for a while (including reading Dreams from my Father) and—while he’s not perfect by any means—he excites me more than any “mainstream” politician I can remember. I guess my point is, I don’t think the meme was created by the Right. They’re just jumping on it as a way to trash her. My opinion is that she’s utterly divisive at a time when Americans need the exact opposite. Obama reminds me of Bobby Kennedy. He attracts people with a message of unity. I wouldn’t discount him in the general election, either. He’s smarter than anyone else in the field.

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I am a Hillary fan. Have been for years. I think she makes a great senator. She’s accomplished much for us New Yorkers.

That being said, I really hope she doesn’t recieve our party’s nomination. I think it’s just the thing to galvanize the republican base. A hatred of HRC is about the only issue that unites the right anymore. Plus, it would be the ugliest presidential fight in decades. The GOP would dredge up Whitewater, Monica, Vince Foster, etc..
I think HRC is the fight the right wants. They salivate for it.

My choice is Obama/Edwards.

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I’m excited by Obama too. He’s a marvelous speaker, and idealist, and someone who might be able to do great things. But Hillary is also very smart, has worked hard to make changes, and I expect she would also be able to do great things. And I also like Edwards. He seems passionately involved in the fight against the big moneyed industries and folk. Democrats have good choices. I don’t have a primary vote for a month or so, so I can watch and see how things develop. But I think getting a governor on the ticket as VP would be wise—as opposed to two senators.

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I don’t think there’s any way that the two of them (Obama/Clinton) would ever be able to work together. There are too many issues that they disagree on, and in my opinon, I think that both of them want the presidential seat too much and to ‘settle’ for V.P.

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No way Hillary would ruin the ticket

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I agree, Obama/Edwards is the ticket that I would love to vote for!

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Obama / Edwards 2008

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or…better yet…Obama and Jim Webb 2008

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Edwards for either spot? Against the Republicans? How on earth would a good trial lawyer decide which party to dance at?

If Obama continues to lead in the primaries, I can’t see him taking the #2 spot. And I can’t see HRC taking the #2 spot to ANYONE, even God Almighty, ever again. She’s already been VP twice, why would she do it again?

If Obama did take HRC on as a veep, he better sleep with one eye open. . . the conspiracy theorists haven’t forgotten about Vince Foster yet. . . stay away from parks, Barack old buddy.

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And let’s not forget, Bill doesn’t score as many chicks as Mrs. Vice President than as the First Laddie.

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No Clinton wont be in front and Obama has other ideas for his running mate.

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Perhaps a Borat/Obama ticket?

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No, no… definitely Obama/Borat.

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Borat’s taller. OMG, the chance to see Borat debate HRC and Kucenich. . .

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Clinton/Gen. Wes Clarke
take your pick (post NH results) Bwahahahahaha

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I don’t think Obama would want to take a back seat to Hillary nor Bill.

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I t seems like the democrats might want to consider starting all over and picking someone else altogether. One associates with a racist while the other misspeaks and misinterprets airport landings as acts of war.

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well why not. Though I like democrats as they boost the economy :)

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