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Where do you use Fluther?

Asked by robhaya (991points) January 7th, 2008

Do you fluther at home, at work, or both? I only fluther at work.

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Home, work, and on the iPod touch.

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Mostly from work, but at a home a little bit too using the Wii Opera Browser!

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Work, mostly and then, on Sunday mornings for some reason.

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work… glad we are all working so hard.

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@seek2be: Well we have to take a break from updating our Facebook status sometime.

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Home, work, and coffee shops via Ipod Touch

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Both home and work.

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Work. As distractions go, it’s a productive one.

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Wherever I can!

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Home and at the local Panera Bread locations.(Free-WiFi) – WooHoo, go Panera!!!

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@omfgTALijustMDu yea im right there with you, if im near a computer with internet access I’m probably checking fluther.

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On my laptop, wherever I may be.

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