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What is the biggest waste of time you can think of? Why?

Asked by kenmc (11763points) July 22nd, 2009

Anything you find to be a waste of time… from a search to an act of partition.

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Sleeping in too much while alone in bed.

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Most people think I am crazy when I say that, but for me sleeping is the biggest waste of time. 24h a day are just not enough to do all you would like to.

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sports, celebrity worship, gossip, and watching television. <—those four are the biggest ones I can think of.

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reading topics :P

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reading junk mail

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Hitting the snooze button. I don’t get back to sleep in those 9 (why is it 9, not 10?) minutes before I have to hit it again, so I’m not getting sleep or getting anything done. I have been known to linger in this waste of time for a couple of hours.

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shredding unread mails, junk mails..

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@evelyns_pet_zebra sports? :O Not a waste at all. :) I pretty much agree with the others.

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Arguing about religion and cosmology, trying to change someone’s beliefs…I’ll think of more later.

Nice topics. :)

I don’t really find other people’s interests to be a waste of time. Maybe they don’t interest me, but I don’t believe that the person who is interested in them is wasting time. So, of course some people enjoy arguing religion (or sports or what have you) and in that case I don’t think they’re wasting time. But to me, it’s a waste of time and it really seems like a waste of time when it doesn’t get anywhere and just makes people angry.

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Lying. Believing in god.

I’m sure there’s more…

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic I wish I could give you more lurve than I’m allowed!

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I agree. I also think jealousy is a waste of time. Why waste your life being jealous of other people?

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Involving yourself in other peoples business.

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I agree with @DominicX… Arguing about religion and cosmetology….

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Complaining about being bored instead of finding something to do.

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Staying at home

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Television: I quit cold turkey nine years ago and have very rarely looked back.
Sports: Same deal, & I’d been a big fan & successful fantasy football league team owner.
Needless to say, I had a complete lifestyle change.

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waiting on someone who is late

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Hoping for a politician to be honest with you (or anyone else for that matter). It’s just not going to happen folks because they’re not built to be moral or ethical.

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“from a search to an act of partition.”

@boots Okay, I give up: what does this mean?

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Spending more than 5 minutes a day on trivia.

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Waiting for my pc to start up, clean itself of spam, and update. How many man-hours has that cost businesses?

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Wow. i could sit here all day. Class Lectures, Term Papers, bathing. Talking to any customer service based in the asia or the middle east. ( I am really sorry to say that, but i can’t understand through the accent.)

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Just plainly doing nothing at all. Seriously. I sometimes find people sitting and staring blankly out the horizon. When I ask them what they are doing, they say “nothing!”. Tsk-tsk. Now that would be such a waste of time for me.

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Anger, hate, greed, racism, sexism, holding grudges, arguing, fighting…basically…all the negative attitudes people seem to keep sometimes.

“Can’t we all just get along?”

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@IchtheosaurusRex fluther isn’t a waste of time, but the others definitely are, and you forgot MySpace. Of course, Facebook and MySpace are more of a waste of good bandwidth.

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Being truly obsessed with anything.

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Facebook is not a waste of time. Talking to my friends is a waste of time now? Okay…

I also don’t think doing anything you truly enjoy is ever a waste of time.

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I never waste my time. It’s my time. I don’t have to be productive every single second of the day. It would be hypocritical for me to say something that others do is a waste of time. Even complaining isn’t a waste of time. Sometimes it just makes you feel better.

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Waiting in line. I haven’t done it in a while, thank goodness. (benefit of surgery) When I have and I think of all that down time, it aggravates me. I’m not rude, though. I wait patiently.

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I agree with @DominicX, if you enjoy it then it is not a waste of time.

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@DominicX , I’ve got too many conversations going on over at Facebook to properly address your quip. I’ll get back to you.

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Nothing, really.

I honestly tried to think of something, but everything has value to someone.

One example some people might suggest could be, “sitting around smoking weed playing video games”. But to the person playing, it is likely very relaxing for them, so that’s not really a waste of time.

My current hobby is spinning wool. Many people would consider this a waste of time, in fact one person asked me, “it’s so much cheaper and quicker to go out and buy wool, why would you waste your time making it?” But it’s not a waste of time at all to me, I enjoy every step of the process, as well as the ability to create a beautiful and unique wool from a raw sheep fleece. I also enjoy learning about these steps and viewing other people’s creations.

Even sitting around doing nothing has benefits. Meditation, anyone? Naps?

Oh, I thought of one! The biggest waste of time I can think of is complaining. Instead of complaining about something, why don’t you go out and change it? [And even complaining has benefits at times!]

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Trying to get the best gear possible in world of warcraft.

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@AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA I LOVE RENO 911! Rarely a waste of time for me. I always get a great laugh out of it! :-)

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According to Conan O’Brien, in the year 3000 the websites Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook will combine to form a giant time wasting conglomerate known as YouTwitFace.

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