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What was "I Am Legend" about?

Asked by sharl (424points) January 7th, 2008

I don’t mean “about” as in plot summary, (Will Smith, monsters, dog etc.), I mean what was it all trying to say? Was it really just Turner and Hooch of the Dead? Very disappointed.

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Will Smith looking buff.

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The music of Bob Marley can save the world.

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Sheesh brownlemur, didn’t that seem awfully contrived? Do you think Smith wrote those bits himself? I’d have been embarassed to speak the lines if I hadn’t actually written them.

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Cancer is here to stay, don’t try and cure it… OR ELSE!

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The True Hero always Dies at The End.

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Commitment to finding a solution to a problem. Never give up. I thought it was also about believing and listening to the “signs” around you – the supernatural world, god, etc. It reminded me of the movie “Dragonfly” – but I laughed at the Turner and Hooch comparison!

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The folly of trying to play God.

Followed, of course, by the prudence of trying to play God.

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Never feed your mogwai after midnight, don’t get ‘em wet, and they’re afraid of bright light.

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Guy tries to save the world from things that used to be human. Reminded me of 28 Days Later.

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an hour and a half

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28 Days Later

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The book it’s based on is about the last human being, consequently being rendered obsolete by evolution, and the mythology created out of that.

The movie…....

Seems like it was about how such an extreme loneliness can, and will, drive a man insane.

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Isn’t the characters that Will Smith plays part of the group that develops the virus which destroys society, because in that sense its a trial of redemption.

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The movie completely changes the point of the title from the original novel.

In the movie he becomes a legendary hero among the surviving humans for coming up with the cure, in the novel he is a legendary monster among the vampires for hunting them and experimenting upon them.

In the novel the vampires are sentient (albeit primitive) and capture him intending to execute him for his crimes against them, before they do this one of them provides him with poison to take in order to commit suicide.

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It’s a remake of the Omega Man.

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I Am Legend isn’t really an Omega Man remake. They are both (as well as Vincent Price’s Last Man On Earth) based on the novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, written in 1954.
Last Man’s plot is just like Callum’s description. In the novel and Last Man, he is legend for being a killer, not a savior.

by the way, Matheson wrote many of the original Twilight Zone scripts

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FYI. There’s an alternate ending that was filmed. It can be found online with some searching.

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I caught the alternative ending at io9 and while it makes just an iota more sense in terms of the original story (‘hero’ realises that he is a monster in the eyes of the monsters and does the decent thing), it’s still nonsense. IMO, obviously.

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I think that this movie should be added to the whole bandwagon of movies that are mostly about the world ending.

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it was about the biggest waste of my time, ever… and a total rip off off The Last Man on Earth

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@fremen_warrior It wasn’t a rip-off of The Last Man on Earth. Both movies were based on the same book.

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@Theremin : Hmm never thought of it that way – well in that case, it was only a waste of my time then ;-)

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