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Anyone got any fishy ideas?

Asked by shipwrecks (346points) July 23rd, 2009

My friends are throwing a “fish party” to celebrate them getting a saltwater fish tank in their house…. basically a housewarming party for their saltwater fish. They’re serving sushi, decorating the house in an “under the sea” theme, and Finding Nemo will be playing for the little ones, followed by The Little Mermaid. The host and hostess will also be making blue jell-o shots with mini Swedish fish at the bottom.

My question is, does anyone have any ideas for what I can bring? I was thinking something with those goldfish crackers, but that’s so lame. Maybe fish shaped sugar cookies? Any ideas?

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Why don’t you make something with the goldfish crackers? Or make something with caviar?

Or go with a sea creature other than fish, like shrimp or lobster. Maybe starfish?

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Fish Tacos.

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A bag of Swedish fish candy?

If you want something more subtle, how about caviar in scooped out baby red boiled potatoes with sour cream?

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Bring masago (fish eggs) mixed with mayo served on white rice. Mmm…

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Go dressed in fish pajamas. Or a fish costume. Or dressed as a fisherman.

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You could bring a gourmet sea salt to flavor the food.

Or seaweed salad to to with the sushi. (Really?? Sushi to celebrate their fish?? That’s more like a warning..)

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I’ve made fish-shaped sugar cookies before! I work in a lab that studies fish. Anyhow, my advice is not to try this with chocolate chip cookies (they looked like mutant fish), and if you don’t have a fish cookie cutter, using a butter knife is easy and fast enough. Different colored frosting is also a must, we got white frosting and then mixed up different colors using food coloring so they could be as accurate as possible. We made sugar cookie and gingerbread threespined sticklebacks (the fish we study!) both males and females, and even made some of them parasitized with little gingerbread flatworm parasites. (Did I say this was fun? Um, I meant nerdy…)

Edited to add a photo of the lab cookies, since they’re too funny. You can see fishes on the right, and some parasites on the left. Yes, that’s a petri dish of frosting at the bottom… it’s so portable!

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A cold salmon platter. Or sea scallops, in shell, everyone would have a nice souvenir.

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Octo weenies: Cook some hot dogs and slice one half of them into eighths making tentacles.

bonus: add eyes.

hat tip to the tick.

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This might be a lot of work. But I was thinking A fish shaped pinata with fish toys and bags of Swedish fish in it.

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Or better yet. Let everyone smell your finger.

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You should be considerate enough to not eat the sushi in front of the new fishes.

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they are serving fish at a party to welcome their new fish? Odd.

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@efritz oh quit carping

A Phish CD could be nice, or you could thrill them to the gills with a singing plastic bass to hang on their wall. I think the sushi clock from could also be a major hit or perhaps a box of sushi bandages if they have a mishap with an aerator There is always the kosher dog toys (think Gefilte)

Do you think you could score me an invitation to this party?

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Oh! Of course! Phish Food! It’s super ice cream AND phishy!

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I second @efritz on the Phish, Or a Leftover Salmon CD

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Something with tuna or salmon maybe?!

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You could bring a goldfish bowl filled with other gummy creatures, like hammerhead sharks or gummy clown fish

You could also make a tuna noodle casserole (insanely easy) or bake a fish-shaped cake!

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You could bring a Pail of Sand Cake or a Fish Cake.

Or this very different sort of Fish Cake, possibly made smaller to act as appetizers.

Or why not mini bagels with lox and cream cheese?

Or something that I used to bring to adult parties in the days before children, Salmon Mousse in a fish-shaped mold. You can make it with canned salmon, left-over cooked salmon, or smoked salmon.

Or bring a deck of cards and challenge everyone to play a round of “Go Fish” with you.

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Just make sure you do the Salmon Dance :P

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@fireinthepriory that is the neatest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I love the look of those fish cookies, I’m glad you posted a link to that picture. mega lurve to you!

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Just an FYI, Swedish Fish get really gross and slimy in Jell-o. I had a pirate party a few years ago with “undersea Jell-o.” I put Swedish Fish in blue Jell-o, and it ended up being really gross.

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@fireinthepriory I actually work in a lab NEXT to a stickleback lab lol.

Thanks for all the great ideas, everyone! Very creative! Much lurve to all!!!

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Fish shaped cookies are easy and awesome to make. Get some food dye and make up different colored ones. I would go the extra step and ice them when they were cool, then paint on top of the icing (with food coloring and a food grade paint brush) some scales and an X for an eye!

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@uberbatman I loved that! I had never seen it before. I am definitely doin’ the salmon dance right now! Great lion fish. The fish called a salmon wasn’t really, though, was it?

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@Marina no, sammy the salmon was actually a stripped squirrelfish.

that video made me realize how much of a fish nerd i was because i was bothered by the fact there were both a piranha and neon cardinal tetras in a saltwater tank :P

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@uberbatman – That bothered me, too.

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@uberbatman Ack. I did not even catch that. I was too mesmerized by the puffer fish, which is one of my favorites.

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