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What's something that makes you happy?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) July 23rd, 2009

For example: Listening to the Harry Potter books on CD makes me happy. I listen to them in the car and when I’m doing something that doesn’t require a ton of concentration (like crocheting). I’ve listened to them all about five or six times, and the narrator’s voice is really comforting to me.

Now you. Go!

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Garlic bread and lemonade make me happy. I like Allie too.

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Going on long bike rides, especially in the woods or somewhere scenic.

Sitting in the sun on my porch and reading.

Baking things, especially something that was hard and complex. And especially if I’m baking it for someone. :)

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Seeing someone I care about happy

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Chocolate in all its milk-chocolate forms.
A kiss from my little girl.
Calvin wagging his tail and looking at me with his big brown eyes (um, he’s a Lab).
Real, hand-written letters.
Colorado air.
New Mexican cheese enchiladas.

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listening to music while looking at family pictures on Apple tv
cooking big Dinners for my family
Saints football! :-)

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Sunday comics
Restaurant breakfasts
Finishing my income tax and getting a refund

Of course wife and kids – in case she is reading this.

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Fluther! what else?

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A good cup of coffee in the morning, being able to sleep in (under a warm, comfy duvet) with a cool breeze coming in through my bedroom window, sitting down by the beach and feeling the warmth of the sun on my shoulders whilst watching the waves come crashing in, music, and butterflies (reminds me of my Mom).

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The family.
The dogs.
The beer.

in that order.

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The smell in the air after it rains
Johann Strauss
sunny days

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Oh, and fireflies are awesome.

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Rainbows, sunshine and suckers.

(Actually, sex makes me happy. As does masturbation. And love, mostly.)

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@jeanna . . .funny how you put love third on the list, after sex and masturbation.

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As of late, nothing.

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@Facade, I know how you feel. That’s sort of why I asked this question.

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Well that just sucks.

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Fluther makes me happy. That’s okay, right? Oh, you wanted more…....

Overcast days
Enjoying a good book
Helping others
A day at the park or zoo
Road trips
A steak dinner with all the trimmings
A massage
Seeing a good movie
Donating to a charity
Serving my country

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@Bluefreedom . . .I forgot to mention how happy that feathered skullcap of yours makes me.

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@monsoon – I TOTALLY agree with the Harry Potter thing. I listen through them then start over. I listen when I fall asleep. It calms me, makes me happy and helps me forget.

Also a couple of sodas a TON of chips and and Nacho cheese and a movie

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@Blondesjon Yeah. I started to do a list like you to show the order, but decided against it. I mostly joke. Love is awesome.

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wildpotato just got home, that makes me really happy

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Pizza makes me happy
and seeing my friends and family does too! :)

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@irocktheworld . . .Pizza is very conducive to happiness. I’d say, almost more than any other food.

in a general sense jellies. in a general sense.

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@Blondesjon Yes,very! :D It’s my favorite food! :) You got that right! =]
Lol4rl :P
Ohh but the way,Congratez on your 10k! :) We should throw you a fluther party! :P

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Going to sleep during thunderstorms or heavy rain is my favoritee. Especially with a certain someone lying next to me.

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Well, I have this one memory of my mother that makes me bust out laughing when I remember it. My mom and I were in the car and I had really bad hiccups. We got to a red light and she suddenly threw her arms up and roared in order to scare the hiccups away. The hiccups just ended up getting worse because I was laughing so damn hard.

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@Blondesjon. Thank you, kind sir, and your Dr. Frankenstein avatar (Gene Wilder is awesome) makes me happy in return. =)

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Contemporary jazz, dim lights, a glass of red wine, and an Italian dish (doesn’t matter which one, I love them all).

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Rice pudding with extra raisins. The sound of a cat purring on my lap. Beethoven string quartets. And a lot of other things.

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Trying a new activity and doing very well at it. Most recently whitewater rafting. I would do it every weekend if I had the opportunity.

and dark comedies

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Hearing my kids laugh at my bad jokes.

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Stupid puns. Men with accents. Being in the lab. Vodka. Freshly-shaved legs. The beach. Running. Compliments. Good hair days. Jeopardy. The Whole Foods overpriced prepared foods section. Bike rides. Fixing things.

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My girlfriend makes me super happy.

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@Corey_D You know, I was coming back to the question to put something similar. :)

Ken. He really does make me laugh more often than cry.

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this girl’s livejournal makes me feel like the world is made of glitter and everything else wonderful. and asofterworld always makes me happy, even when they’re sad. nearly everything on weheartit. when i’m on those three websites, i hardly feel like i’m on the internet at all.
i am such a sucker for good weather. a chill in the air, and a lack of humidity is just heaven for me.

watching my cats act silly, really cheesy puns, nice curtains, going on spontaneous adventures, mcd’s sweet tea, meeting nice people, really awesome libraries, old-fashioned things, old cars, pretty books, grimm’s faery tales, fresh coffee in the morning when i wake up, the smell of the rain (i swear i know the technical word for this…petrichol?!), making obnoxious psychology references, snapple facts i haven’t seen before, making lists (obviously), natalie portman’s smile, conor oberst, awkward pictures of people holding koalas (they are really my favourite kind of pictures), sexy man shoes.

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Right now it’s spinning wool into yarn, dyeing it, and thinking about what interesting things I’ll make with it!

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Quality time with my man makes me the happiest.

Other “happy things” include:

Musical Theatre
Watching Reba on Youtube (because they don’t show it on TV over here)
Being with my dogs and horses

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my kids when they want to cuddle

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Honestly, and lately. Not much.
But I do keep a smile on my face. Holding onto a positive attitude when ever possible.

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A soothing shower.

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I’m going to visit my mom in Colorado

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@Capt_Bloth: Your answer makes me happy. :)

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Really, really good French fries…but they have to be really good, not those fake potato “seasoned” fries.

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@KatawaGrey this thread makes me happy :)

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