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Why won't my Iphone detect wifi anymore?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) July 23rd, 2009

I have wifi in my house and office…it’s always worked but as of this week it stopped detecting any kind of wifi. I’ve searched around online and can’t find a solution to this issue. I went to the apple store tonight but it was bombed with people so I left…anyone know what could be up?

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Did you reset your networks?

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Silly question but the first they’ll ask you anyway: if you go to settings, is the wifi on?

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lol yes wifi is on, I’m not that dumb…I tried to joining my home network manually and it says not found even though I’m connected to it right now with my computer…and I haven’t reset my networks at all.

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Hmmm, is the “join network” button on too?

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yup…I’ve never had this problem before….no one else experiencing it?

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I’ve had that problem too, but it always works. Have you just left it alone to get the signal by itself?

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Your WiFi antenna may be skunked. Happened to me and they swapped out my phone.

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nice this will be be my third iphone lol…I’m not gonna bother buying a case, just wait til something breaks and bam, brand new!

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This happened to me once and the tech to whom I spoke on the iphone help line (1–800-MY IPHONE) had me turn the airplane mode off and back on again and it worked. I have no idea why. He said something about the phone needing to re-set itself.

Have you tried calling the help line? You are entitled to free phone support for a year. I use it all the time. How much help they are varies widely depending upon the experience level of whomever you speak to but it’s free and I have found out some really fascinating info from some of them.

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Oh yeah… that reminds me of
a snippit I read about the Bluetooth conflicting with the WiFi. Try toggling the Bluetooth.

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I Didn’t call but I went through the help tutorials on the apple website. I did the ‘reset network settings’ on my phone. It reset my network. I tried to join my home wifi again but it still wasn’t “seeing” the wifi. I don’t have much else to try. I’ll bring it in to the apple store…my iPhone also keeps shutting down on it’s own hopefully ill get another replacement for this crap.

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With the 3.0 OS i’ve noticed that it doesn’t auto connect to my wifi. However if I go to an app requiring wifi, it pops up my hidden network as being there and asks to connect to it.

If you are not broadcasting your SSID, this could be happening to you. Try temporarily using the SSID and see if it works then.

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I had this exact problem. I tried putting a rubber glove on my head whilst holding a cat upside down before switching airplane mode on eleventeen times before dunking the phone in malt whiskey…....(in case you havent guessed there are a lot of stupid suggestionsand solutions flying around about this problem)

So, bored of all the tomfoolery….I just got back from apple store with a replacement Iphone luckily mine was still under warranty, tech guy didn’t even test it himself merely checked I hadn’t taken the back off and gave me a new one which tells me that this is a common problem at the moment. I did ask him what was happening but he wasn’t very committal, been a spate of this since 3.0 OS apple as yet not sure why according to him.

If your lucky phone is still under warranty and you can have a new one…Yay

If your unlucky apple strikes again…...

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yes I got a new one. My third phone so far, last time it was the battery…I don’t get why apple didn’t make a removable battery lol…they had to replace the whole phone because the battery life was horrible. Oh well that’s what they get for charging so much for a phone!

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Go to Settings – General – Scroll down to bottom and select Reset – Press Reset Network Settings – Then it will come up in red, Press it again. Your phone will reboot and when it starts up again, go to Settings – Wi-Fi – you will see your internet displayed, enter your password and its done!

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Buttonstc’s answer worked for me. Turn airplane mode on, then off. In doing so, it will cause the phone to search for all networks – effectively resetting itself and detecting wifi.

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put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and it will detect the networks same problem for me i had the same probolem unfortunatley it dosn’t permanantly fix the problem but it will work i think it’s something to do with it heating up

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the resetting thig is wrking

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Jivers solution about resetting the network is Done

Many thanks for you dude

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Jivers tip worked greatly !! thx

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hi.. my iphone is jailbroken, if ill do what jivers said.. will my phone be locked?? mine’s version is 3.1.2 firmware 5.11.07.. please help me, i have the same problem.. thanks in advance…

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hi -Jivers solution didnt work for me?

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my iphone is jailbroken…and i have d same problem..all of a sudden it wont detect my wifi signal here at home..but im currently using my tablet fine and the laptop..they all can detect wifi signal except my iphone..i tried turning it off then on..also my modem & wifi router but still i cant make my iphone connect to the internet…if i’ll reset network settings will it be alright? or i might have a bigger problem since it has been jailbroken? hope u cn help me out..tnx a bunch!

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