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Would you marry someone you don’t love in order to save the life of someone you love?

Asked by Hambayuti (1380points) July 24th, 2009

The scenario being: The person you love is on his death bed. The person you don’t love has the capacity of saving the life of the person you love. But in order for him to do that (and before he does), he strikes a deal with you that you have to marry him and remain faithful.

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Is she fairly good in bed?

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Is Fabio involved in this scenario? Sounds like a plot for a boddice-ripper romance novel.

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I would strap the person to a table , phone for the doctor / surgeon and make the doctors operate on the person so save my love’s life.
If the Dr/surgeon was willing to do it , if you knew he wouldn’t then you would kill the person. Then the Dr / surgeon would have no qualms in doing the operations needed

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If it was inoperable or the person was simple old , i would let him die with dignity .
Since this is real life and my 1st option is more for a book or film , and life is to one day die you have to leave the life cycle alone .

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@Zendo let’s say you would only know a few months after the marriage and the person demanding the marriage couldn’t care less because he loves the girl

@PandoraBoxx Hmmm…let’s just say Fabio is not one of the three characters involved. =P Oh, yummy Fabio…sigh.

@sandystrachan (referring to your 1st reply) sounds good. hahaha.

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Yeah, I would marry them, get them to save my true love, tell my true love to get as far away as possible then I would tell my spouse that she can kiss my smooth ass and to stick that deal we made up her huge ass and get the fuck out of dodge.

Hook up with my healthy true love and live happily ever after :-)


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I would mos likly do, but it kind of depends…. I am a man and I need to be in a country that allows same sex marriage.

Give me some time, though, to prepare for my wedding night. shiver

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Sounds like a Bollywood movie. And my answer would be yes. Though I have trouble visualizing a real life scenario that is so extreme.

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This is going to be a ‘yes’ for me also. The dissatisfaction with marrying someone I didn’t love will be completely drowned out by the much more important and gratifying fact that I saved the person I do love.

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No. I’m not a bargaining chip.

Furthermore, what does it say about the character of this non-loved person, in that they are more than willing to use the life of a dying person to get what they want? When will it become convenient to use ME for their purposes?

No thanks. I have only one life, I’m not gonna waste it on a schmuck like that.

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I really would….:)

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I would call jack bauer and let him handle the situation

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Yes, I’d do it. Extreme scenario of course, but yes.

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Yeah, I would. I would also take out a nice life insurance policy on the person I was forced to marry. Wait a year or two afterwards, and get back with my loved one after the little “accident”.

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@Phobia. Nice answer. In a machiavellian type of way. Lurve.

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Lurve from Bluefreedom? I’m honored. And I’ll take that as a compliment =P

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Depends on if that person had a good set of teeth.

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then the loved one recovers, and moves on. the grateful feeling wears off a little bit. and you find that you have married a mean,controlling jerk that holds ‘all he has done for you’ over your head forever. and you keep to your bargain, with a frozen smile and a broken heart…...

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LOL… I would ask the dying person if that would make them happy 1st!

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A Tale of Two Cities…

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Have you been reading Victorian romantic fiction?

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If there was no way for me to get that cure to my love, then yes, I would
and I’d kill the new husband of mine

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Assuming such a bizarre circumstance should occur then yes, without question, though the entire heterosexuality element may cause some issues.

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