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What would you say to or ask of the Pope upon meeting him?

Asked by Zen (7738points) July 24th, 2009
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Was that smoke the previous Pope being cremated?

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What’s really under that hat?

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Do you mind if I call you Mr Ratzinger?

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Did the knowledge you gained as you rose in rank break your heart or shake your faith?

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“What’s your opinion of The Da Vinci Code?”

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I think the current Pope is reprehensible, and if I were to meet him, I would not acknowledge his existence.

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Show me all Vatican archives and compare it to Bible to see if Peter really died in Rome / Became 1st Pope, cuz the Holy Bible doesn’t mention Peter as a Pope at all nor his death @ Rome and if your archives even say otherwise I still take Bible over your archives.

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Does our present pope even speak English?

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“Wie geht’s?”

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Reprehensible? I love a Pope that when interviewed says he loves his Hefeweisen.

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“You know you look rather a lot like Emperor Palpatine. Have you seen those Pope Palpatine pictures from the Internet? Did you, like, send them to your friends for laughs?”

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Do you know where the nearest Starbucks is?

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When will the Catholic Church stop humiliating women and allow them to become priests, bishops and Popes?

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“Hi. Do you realize your hat makes you look like a dickhead?”

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Where does one get red loafers exactly?

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“Hi! If This is what is called, “living in poverty” I’d like to be broke.”

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