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Pickled in oil?

Asked by bpeoples (2546points) July 24th, 2009

I’m reading a specification, and found a reference to “hot-rolled pickled-in-oil steel”. I know what “Hot Rolled” steel is, I know what “Pickled and Oiled” is.

I’ve found several references on distributor’s sites to “picked-in-oil” steel, but no specifics on the process.

Any ideas?

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When dousing hot metal, say after a weld, in oil.
Cools the iron at an even but slower pace. Preventing it from hardening as would occur if you took a piece of steel and dropped it into water.

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I thought that this was gonna be about pickles.

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“Pickled in oil” is a misnomer for HRPO (hot-rolled pickled and oiled) steel. There is no such process as “pickling in oil”.

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@ChazMaz – that seems to be called “quenched in oil” and does harden the metal (although not as much as quenching in water).

@simone54 Sorry to disappoint. This better:

@Harp Thought so!

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@aaronan2006—is that a different process than HRPO?

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