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Why is pubic hair different from head hair?

Asked by alterego (126points) January 7th, 2008

The texture, length, rate of growth, etc. is markedly different for the hair down there. Why is that?

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The same with any hair on any specific part, really. Arm hair is a different length, color, grows at a different rate, etc. Also, pubic hair faces different levels of sweat and oil, so that makes a different texture.

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Androgen hormones are the cause-this hormone becomes present in pubescent-age m/f and thereafter, modified existing hair shafts and sebaceous glands which produce thicker follicles especially around the genital areas and armpits.

Some believe the thicker hair was once for protection or for drawing heat away from these anatomical parts (like a radiator of sorts), also radiators for other pheremones secreted by the individual in various stages of sexual (or other) states of arousal; but there is no substantial proof to verify this.

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And… pubic hair has a flattened shape. Imagine your normal hair is really big and you slice it, the top view of the hair is almost exactly round. If you would do the same to your pubic hair it is shaped like a flattened oval, therefore forcing it to curl more and change it’s structure.

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It’s also suspected that one of multiple purposes of pubic hair is to act as a sort of surrogate lubrication for sex. If it were just skin on skin (no addition lube, we’re talking the wild here), that would cause alot of friction leading to rashes and abrasion.

I also imagine another important purposes would be to help shade against potentially detrimental sunburns. Ouch. After all, the only reason we exist (like every other organism) is to procreate, and if our genitals are burnt, we’re useless.

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Spargett, I GA’d you for “if our genitals are burnt, we’re useless.” So wise.

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