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What besides itunes can i use on my mac to sync my ipod?

Asked by skabeep (927points) July 25th, 2009

i have a sync problem. is there any free itunes alternative?

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whats wrong with itunes?

Songbird has come a long way its made by Mozilla the wonderful folks who brought you FireFox

here is the compatibility chart

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Wiki has a list of a whole bunch of different ipod managers, but this:

is the chart that shows which one allows you to sync stuff to your ipod.


Also, this blog has some interesting info on various other managers:

Good luck!

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iTunes is free, and if you want to use a different program because you download illegally, than I suggest that you modify your method of acquiring music.

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does not mean its being used illegally but i as well as many others im aure are having issues with i tunes because 1 it sucks and 2 it just wont SYNC we keep getting error codes… nothing illegal about it so mind your own damn business

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