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Why do people have anonymous unprotected sex?

Asked by curious4it (5points) July 25th, 2009

Why do people have anonymous unprotected sex?

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Because it’s anonymous, and because it’s unprotected, and most importantly, because it’s sex.

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1. They are living in the moment and ignoring possible consequences.

2. They are irresponsible and do not care whether a pregnancy could result or a communicative disease could be passed.

3. They are completely narcissistic and interested only in their own pleasure.

4. They are very young and somehow have avoided sex education.

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Because they are lucky?

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Because they like to take risks! Actually it’s stupid! My brother acquired HIV from doing this and now he’ll regret it for the rest of his life!

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Because they believe they are invincible. They won’t get HIV, STDs, or pregnant. That’s not in their life plan. There’s no way it will happen to them.

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Some people develop bad sexual habits because of sexual abuse in the past. When an abused child grows up, they categorize and see sex in a different way than people who have no abuse history. I do not mean to say that ALL abuse victims have this kind of sex, i am merely offering it up as another reason some abuse victims may choose to have anonymous sex.

Rape victims often times can become promiscuous following sexual assault. This could be because of a decreased self esteem.

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It’s sex… nobody cares in the moment of heat.

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They’re thrill seekers and risk takers and not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

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Because it makes them feel alive – because they want to avoid people’s issues and their emotions…because they want to risk life – sometimes that’s the only way to actually feel something for people that are tired of a predictable, boring, ‘normal’ life

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For a lot of people it takes a wake-up call for them to realize we aren’t invincible, and we are all going to die, and this is the only chance you get.

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Because it feels good and they are convinced nothing bad will ever happen to them.

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Heat of the moment – sexual hormones take over intelligence.

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@Steven0512 not always the case
many people plan these encounters

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When I did it, it was a kamikaze mission. I hated myself and the world and didn’t care. I didn’t give thought to my future. I’m lucky I got off as easy as I did.

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Because they have no self control…. slaves to their hormones, they abandon caution and embrace risk. If people had self control these days then std’s would disappear.

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personally, it was because that goat was in the Witness Protection Program and refused to give me her name, and also it was the heat of the moment, like everyone else mentioned. =)

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STD’s! RUN!!!!

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Probably from ingesting too much alcohol, diminishing their inhibitions.

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Because if you’re single and down, there’s probably nothing hotter than meeting a sexy stranger and going with it. Condoms kill it.

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cause I like to play Russian Roulette with child support…

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@NaturalMineralWaterthey abandon caution and embrace risk.

not speaking of this specific topic, but isn’t that the fun part of life? ;)

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Because the condoms were too small…
Because they don’t want emotional attachments…
Because they aren’t afraid of Herpes
Because they aren’t afraid of Syphilis…
Nor aids

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Not part of the boy scout movement?

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Calculated risk is important in all endeavors. For example, I would love to skydive.. but I wouldn’t tie an anvil to my shoe before I jump.

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the best things in the world aren’t calculated at all my friend… and that’s coming from a Physics major…

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