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There is a difference? Your question needs more details, as I am confused by the lack of description.

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Oh, hey guys what’s goi—

* walks into wall of tags *

Ouch, goddamn it.

Anywho, I’m with @evelyns_pet_zebra here. I wasn’t aware I might’ve been cuddlin’ wrong.

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Antiquated: When a woman snuggles up on the mans bicep, laying her head on his chest, his arm wrapped around her. note:not just man and woman, but it makes it easier for this. also, this is not outdated, just old fashion in my opinion
Modern: Woman snuggling up behind the man, spooning him. Risk of this: being farted on. Pro: If done after coitus, no risk of any juices being rubbed all over the womans backside I hate that

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dude, a cuddle puddle is a cuddle puddle…

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@casheroo: lol! Thanks for actually answering this!

@evelyns_pet_zebra and @Grisaille: No more info needed. Take the question as you will. I’m interested to see the responses!

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lol what is so confusing about this question? I’m confused by that.

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Thanks @casheroo
To answer the question, I don’t see any type of cuddle to be either modern or antiquated.

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All the same to me!
But I love your tags!

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@casheroo oooh, I see now.

Well, to answer the question, I don’t like being “spooned”. That’s just uncomfortable for me – not for any insecurities that I may have, but it just feels funny. insert stupid-ass, childish giggle here. it actually makes me smirk.

I prefer to look up at the ceiling, hands behind my head whilst my lover rests her head on my chest, perhaps with a finger tracing the lines on my tattoos. That’s my ideal “cuddle”.

I dunno if that’s modern or antiquated, but it’s damn lovely.

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any form of touch from my lover works for me, old-fashioned, out-dated or truly brandâ„¢ spanking new oooh, a spanking, now I could get into that!

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Outdated (but still fun): Walking with arms around one another, each with a hand in the other’s back pocket.

Modern: Opposite ends of the couch, laying your feet in your partner’s lap, while they caress and massage them.

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I prefer to lay on my back and have her lay on my chest.But when it really comes down to it, if its comfy im game. The problem most of the time with cuddling is the dead arm. I need me one of these

huggles are the bestestest

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@uberbatman I’m quite jealous that I didn’t think of that comic. Next time, I’ll get you.

* shakes fist *

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xkcd- always relevant

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Outdated cuddling? What comes to mind is two people laying on their backs, fully clothed, staring at the ceiling, with two or three feet in between them, holding each other’s outstretched hands. Like from Dick Van Dyke or one of those Nick at Night type of shows.

I personally hate cuddling. To much unnecessary human contact.

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@jamielynn2328 i don’t care what you say, boobs make the best pillows on the planet.

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I don’t know about antiquated cuddles (maybe spooning with a guy as the big spoon and the girl as the little spoon?), but to me a very modern cuddle is to be facing one another, arms around each other and legs intertwined. I guess I only deem it to be “modern” because very time I mention it’s my favorite cuddle position, most people say they’ve never cuddled that way before. It makes me feel like maybe I invented it. :D

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I think there should be more topics accompanying this question. The 36 of them already there just aren’t adequate enough.

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Outdated cuddles?? No I don’t think so all cuddles are relevant to life everybody needs a bit of lurvin’ once in a while and cuddles – no matter what form are there to provide that lurve!

@uberbatman I lurve the mattress idea!! Ever seen the episode of friends where Chandler has to try out the hug and roll technique on Janice (advice given from Ross)FUNNY!

I love it when my hubby snuggles into my boobs sings : O everybody needs a boosom for a pillow, everybody needs a boosom!!

By the by I love cuddles from my daughter, shes 10 and doesn’t give them as freely as she used to, cause it’s not cool!, so I make the most of them when I get them!!!

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I guess I’m old fashioned but I won’t spoon a guy. It just feels so wrong. I like to feel protected. That means he holds on while I snuggle in.

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I can’t imagine any cuddle being antiquated, but speaking as someone who is himself antiquated (56 y.o.), I’ve always preferred cuddles with as much contact as possible. That’s what makes spooning as alluring as it is. Similarly, sitting in my lap facing away is nice, but thanks to an infinitely adjustable ergonomic chair, sitting in my lap and facing me allows for some very pleasant and intense contact. If you get the seat to the proper height and with just a bit of a tilt (both front up or down work as they shift weight differently, so do both, switching periodically to provide nuance) and the arms forward to provide leg clearance but still in position and at the proper height to allow lift, and if you exercise due caution with the back release (do not release with the center of gravity towards the back, but with weight properly centered it allows for deeper….well, I think you may get the picture), well I’m hardly talking merely cuddling anymore, but give it a try, experiment and keep adjusting….it certainly works for us. Wait a minute…..ergo chairs are modern, so that’s modern cuddling (and beyond) and everything else is antiquated, right? Hey, did I win this one? No matter….I feel like a winner when we cuddle, etc., in this manner. Hey @sccrowell, I’m sure you could use a break…come on over here and have a seat. What? Remove the arms completely?! Ah…OK! Better wrap your arms around my neck tight, and no, those are not in my way there and yes, don’t worry, I’ll sneak a breath here and there…now hold on tight and….whoopee! You guys can move on now.

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Old-fashioned – Two people on a bed or couch
New-Fangled – Cuddle party with a dozen strangers

Guess I’m old-fashioned…

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 I guess boobs probably do make good pillows. Babies like sleeping on boobs, so I guess men should too. After sex cuddling is odd to me though, he’s all sweaty and I’m supposed to enjoy laying with him? Gross. He can go take a shower instead.

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@fireside but I have always been interested in attending a cuddle party

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@whatthefluther I hate to mention you and Stephen Hawking in the same post again, but you have the physics of cuddling down to a science as only you and he could. Nice going!

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Antiquated: Remaining fully dressed at all times and possibly putting a hand on your beloved’s knee, if you are married.

Modern: Just about everything else.

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Old-Fashioned cuddling…
New-fangled cuddling… (our avatars will do the cuddling for us!)

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I’ve never thought about a modern way to cuddle lol the way I see it cuddling is untouched by time. The meaning hasn’t changed, it’s human nature to feel loved and nurtured, why should the style of it change?

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@Tink1113 – if you’re out there…you’re too young to be reading @whatthefluther‘s reply and no, you don’t get to ask your parents to explain what it was about. =P

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I like to cuddle anyway that feels good

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My lady would have PTSD episodes. The sure-fire method for me to calm and reassure her was holding her gently from behind in a spoon-type position. This made her feel protected. I’d stroke her hair and whisper to her that everything was fine, she’s safe, no one can hurt you, etc. She’d be alright in a few minutes and wanting to sleep. We figured out this method by trial and error; her therapist thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

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You stretch out your arms to grab the one you love. you bring thier body close to yours. you both watch tv or go to sleep together in each other arms.

Old……...whats the difference??? a cuddle is a cuddle is a cuddle. it has no birth certificate.

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