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Your music collection?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) January 8th, 2008

Tell me some bands that you listen to. Lesser known names would be better; someone you know other people don’t listen to.

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The Hero Factor is a band out of Tulsa, Oklahoma that I really like. They sound a bit like a cross between The Killers and Maroon 5. Probably a poor description but I’m just trying to relate them to some more known artists…

Check out their website to hear some of their stuff:

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Recently i’ve been listening to Hot water music, Samiam, Gaslight anthem, Mustard plug, and Streetlight manifesto.

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Animal Collective

New Wet Kojak

Black Lips


Metal Chicks


Sun Dial


(to name a few)

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Andrew Bird

Vampire Weekend

Jamie T.

The Streets

The Kooks

I’m From Barcelona


The Format

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Ravens and Chimes

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The Matches
Off By One
Cinematic Sunrise
Guano Apes
Colin Haye
Kings of Leon
The Hold Steady

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Storyhill is my favorite band – they’re mostly acoustic guitar – kinda folky and kinda mellow, and their lyrics are some of the best I’ve ever heard. I don’t think you can get them from iTunes yet, but here’s their website:

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@Foolaholic – I just discovered Vampire Weekend, they are great!

Some of my more obscure favorite music includes Bay area musician Sean Hayes, an Australian indie-pop band called the Lucksmiths and French singer Camille. Her album “le Fil” is pretty interesting.

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I’ve been very pleased with the music of Michael Heaton for a while. Very well-written songs. “Our Little Secret” is a great album to own and enjoy.

The Beautiful South recently disbanded but they leave behind quite a bit of recorded music. Any of their collected works are outstanding.

Tally Hall. Outstanding debut record, “Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum.” Quirky and tuneful.

Sara Gazarek is a young jazz vocalist with an amazing voice and outstanding band. I expect she will continue to improve and expand her audience. Several good CDs.

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Akron Family, Castanets, Phosphorescent, Talking Heads, Flaming Lips

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Freezepop FOREVER! ^_^

1200 micrograms
Paul Dateh
8bit betty ,another from 8bit betty
Leather Dynamite (no link, not really appropriate for all ages)
The Anthony Lattanze Band (Jokes of Main St is a one of my favs)
That 1 Guy

the music there is really all over the board as far as genre is concerned, hope you guys enjoy it.

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2 Skinnee J’s
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Lupe Fiasco
Mickey Avalon
New Young Pony Club

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deerhunter / place to bury strangers / no age / robbers on high street / the veils

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Monsters Are Waiting
Great Northern
The Distants
Ejector Girls
The Spores
Silversun Pickups
Twilight Sleep
She Wants Revenge
The Dollyrots
Emily Wells
Sick City
Io Echo
The Bird And The Bee
The Airborne Toxic Event
Dick Van Dick
Sea Wolf
Eagle And Talon
Sabrosa Purr
Gram Rabbit
Bonde Do Role
The Little Ones
Mighty Six Ninety

(This is pretty much a playlist right off the iPod…)

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Thanks for the impute everyone, I’ve found a lot of things I like! I’ve also got a couple more for the list:

As tall as Lions


The Boy Least Likely To

The Cinematic Orchestra

Fiest (although she’s gotten pretty popular now)

A fine Frenzy

The Fratellis

Frou Frou (most people know her from the Garden State sountrack, but you really ought to go listen to an album of her albums)

Gregory and the Hawk

The Hush Sound

Of Montreal

Mad Caddies

The Pillows

Trans-Siberian Orchestra (although it’s all christmas music)

We are Scientists

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Check out Margot and the Nuclear So-and-So’s.

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@foolaholic not all of Trans-Siberian Orchestras music is christmas, one cd was all like Mozart and Beethoven which was awesome. TSO is great, definitely have to try and get tickets next time they come around.

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not sure how popular/unpopular these all are, as i don’t watch tv/listen to the radio often, but:
she & him, gregory and the hawk, mates of state, ben kweller, adam green, the felice brothers, two gallants, willy mason, peachcake, lemonade, foxy shazam, jenny lewis, the sounds, be your own pet, los campesinos!, of montreal, men women and children, murs, patrick wolf, tilly and the wall, tom gabel (the guy from against me!‘s solo project), zox, vanessa carlton

i just realized that i repeated some. man, there are some jellies with incredible music tastes here (imo)

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Burzum, Summoning, The Ruins Of Beverast, Wolves In The Throne Room, Horn, Urfaust and other Black Metal acts that do not suck ass.

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