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What's your favorite Jelly screen name?

Asked by Jude (32134points) July 26th, 2009

I saw a question like this posted awhile back. Would love to hear from some of the new Jellies, too..

A favorite of mine: figbash.

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I like petethepothead. :)

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his name isn’t pete

I always liked Nikipedia. I find it a fun play on a word.

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@johnpowell You like the name or the girl? :)

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Two names I like are wildflower and KnotMyDay.

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AstroChuck-the name and the man crack me up. I also like Aboynamedboobs.

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Eponymoushipster, if only I could pronounce it.

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I think Casharoo and bythebay are good names :-]

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As a fan of the B-52’s I like wildpotato, but my favorite is hungryhungryhortence

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Yeah, I too will go with 3or4monsters.

You were attacked by 3or4monsters!

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I like the ones that evoke a strong image in my mind.

ragingloli, tiffyandthewall, evelyns_pet_zebra, and TitsMcGhee are some of my favorites.

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I, three, will go with 3or4monsters. It just sounds so fun. Saying it always puts a smile on my face.

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I like evelyns_pet_zebra. I wish that I had come up with a creative name instead of my boring one. Oh well.. Can’t change it now!

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@jmah: Wow! Thank you! My name is taken from an Edward Gorey character who’s mysterious and shape-shifting and contorts himself into the letters of the alphabet. (I’ve been a huge Edward Gorey fan since I was little.)

I’ve also been partial to Nikipedia

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What the fluther, evelyn’s pet zebra, The Compassionate Heretic, and 3or4monsters.

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petethepothead, ABoyNamedBoobs03, uberbatman…

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I forgot, I like robmandu a lot too.

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Whatthefluther. The first time I read it, I laughed. It’s just great. SuperMouse is another one, it reminds me of my son’s hamster…SuperHam.

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@cak My friend’s little girl has a hampster named Hammy. Must be popular in the hampster world.

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I also like eponymoushipster as well.

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Er. His name.

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I like @jonsblond & @blondsjon

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killertofu hooray for Doug! and RealEyesRealizeRealLies I have to hand it to him for the Syd reference

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Here they are, not necessarily in order:
– hungryhungryhortence
– RealEyesRealizeRealLies (it’s clever, but I’m slightly wary about the meaning behind it…)
– Grisaille
– dalepetrie
– evelyns_pet_zebra
– Nikipedia

I might have missed out a few.. Might add them in when I think about them.

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@Saturated_Brain Quit makin’ me blush, you damn dirty ape!

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Oh, and I like Deepness’ name because seeing it always gets Bigmouth Strikes Again in my head, and I love that song.

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I like Jonsblond and Blondsjon
So cute!

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@Saturated_Brain It’s from a Pink Floyd song, Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk, album: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (their first).

Doctor doctor!
I’m in bed
Achin’ head
Gold is lead
Choke on bread
Gold is lead
Jesus bled
Pain is red
Are goon [listening to it now, I think it’s “Blue moon” or “Dark noon”]
Grow go
Greasy spoon
You swoon
June bloom

Music seems to help the pain
Seems to cultivate the brain.
Doctor kindly tell your wife that
I’m alive – flowers thrive –
Real eyes – Realize – Real lies

However, I forgot that it was a Roger Waters and not a Syd Barrett – actually, it was Waters’ first written song that was included on an album.

Looking for those lyrics, I also found that “RealEyes Realize RealLies” appears to be a song by a group called Machinehead.

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what the fluther is pretty classy.
Ragingloli always gives me the mental image of a 6 year old girl attacking bystanders with a sucker… and whenever one name evokes that sort of imagery it has to be a good one…

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Call me old fashioned but I think it’s hard to beat a clasic handle like TitsMcGhee.

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I also like JOE…. there’s no bullshit in that one, simplicity is elegance in certain ways.

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I’m another jonsblond/blondsjon fan.

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@chyna I think Hammy is pretty popular. I couldn’t keep up with my son’s name changes for the hamster. One day it would be Mushroom, the next day it was something else. I think it was Fred, one day. Finally, SuperHam was mentioned…that was it for me!

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I like the very original, off-the-wall names that demand explanation:

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities (I call him “fly”, and what a nice funny guy that literally burst on this scene….where the hell has he been lately?)
@evelyns_pet_zebra (@sccrowell and I have converted to the Orgasmic Church of Evelyn, which is open to all, but its a good idea to be a few many degrees shy of normal or plain beserk)
@ABoyNamedBoobs03 (its a wonderful story how this guy “earned” this tag and he’s a wonderful guy for bringing it unabashedly to fluther)
@eponymoushipster (the one, the only, the original hipster from whom the term hipster was coined, my favorite damn monkey, I mean damn sexy monkey, who I know spreads his essence over several sites, but I for one feel we are getting slighted at this point in time….Hey monkey man….you got a better site than fluther? Come on!)

There’s more, but I gave you four, now my finger is sore, so wtf!

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small note: mine’s the only one that worked in the ^above^ post because i’m fucking awesome

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@Saturated_Brain – flattered, but my name is just my name, certainly not clever in any way.

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@Grisaille Aww.. Believe it or not I thought that you were a lady at first with that name. But it’s classy. Frenchy. Rolls off the tongue. Gree-sehl-luh.. (it sounds much better than it looks btw).

@dalepetrie Oh it’s fine. I read on here that someone pronounced it in a French way. Dah-leh Pee-trie (add appropriate accent). That was how I pronounced it too in my head, till I realised that it was just Dale Petrie. But hey, Petrie is still a cool name!

And I can’t believe that I forgot @cak. Nice and simple. Plus a wonderful lady too.

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So petethepothead is a guy?

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Pretty sure it’s Grizz-Eye

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@Saturated_Brain Pronounced “Greh-sigh”.

And no, I’m very much a dude, dude.

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Or “gree-sigh”. Same thing. :P

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I though it was pronounced Grisael

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I am really fond of the more unusual names, like 3or4Monsters, whatthefluther, the jonsblonde/blondesjon duo, Facade, (because that has always been one of my favorite words), and ragingloli does remind me of a small girl with a petite chainsaw raising hell. No offense, but cak reminds me of the sound a dog makes just before he upchucks, and some of these other names are beyond my understanding because I don’t watch a lot of TV or movies. Every once in awhile a new name will pop up and it’ll make me smile.

I’ve been waiting for someone to use “mycarisonfire” or something off-the-wall like that.

Thanks to all that like my EPZ name, I am honored to know it pleases you.

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@Grisaille Meh.. It’s still French.

And yes, I’m very aware that you’re a dude. It’s not very often you can find a woman talking about her dick.

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@Saturated_Brain unless she is married and is pissed at her husband.

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@Saturated_Brain I wasn’t aware that I talk about my dick often enough for it to be rememberable.

Perhaps I should rethink some things.

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@Saturated_Brain – that’s how the library system we have here used to pronounce my name, well kind of…when I’d put items on reserve, I used to get a phone call and it would be a computer generated voice (it was the same voice my TI-99/4A computer had when I was growing up in the 80s btw), and it would say…‘this is the Ramsey County library calling with a message for…......Day Luh Pet Er Ree”

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@chyna :: I guess I am busted.

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yeah petethepothead is kinda cool

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@Saturated_Brain thank you! I am the first to say my name sounds like a cat hacking up a hairball! ;~)

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@Tink1113 Yes, petethepothead is a male. (And a really cool one, too.)

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@Allie Oh I thought he was a girl, no offense Pete

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eponymoushipstr (mostly because for the longest time, though i knew what it said, i still mentally associated it with mice, monsters, and ‘ebony’), petethepothead, astrochuck (i saw a van with the brand ‘ASTRO’ on the back yesterday, and giggled), aboynamedboobs, whatthefluther…actually, there’s a longer list than i thought!

@cprevite thank you (:

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@tiffyandthewall Yes, actually, it’s my own code word for the Black Monster Miceā„¢ revolution. you will die last when it comes. ;)

@whatthefluther what other site?

i’m also a fan of jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities, mainly because it makes my handle seem a LOT shorter. @Likeradar simply because it refers to something that, without context, seems completely random.

and i was a real fan of TheIowaCynic~

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@eponymoushipster…..My man is back….you were noticeably missing, or too damn low key (what the hell do I know about other sites….you’ve referenced twitter dee or twitter dum and some music site). Great to see you, monkey man.

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@whatthefluther oh, gotcha. yeah i was without wifi for a few days. thanks!

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Another name I like is this one:

@AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA, because I just recently figured out what it means. Very Clever.

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I’m still kind of new so I haven’t really seen that many handles. As of now it’s evelyns_pet_zebra, AstroChuck, whatthefluther, eponymoushipster, YARNLADY, ABoyNAmedBoobs03, uberbatman and SirBailey

speaking of the SirBailey…he seems to be missing these past few days. anyone heard from him lately? just wondering

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@Hambayuti I am also wondering where SirBailey went. Come back, buddy!

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are all pretty great, too

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