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I always feel depressed and think life has no meaning anymore...just want to die sometimes?

Asked by Blanket_Jackson (47points) July 26th, 2009

as i have faced many hardships in my childhood ; it realy brought a drastic change in me. i dont feel like doin anything.i am just sick of my life. i have many goals in life to achieve..and i am trying to except what i’ve gone through..but sometimes i wonder’’ will it effect my education or my goals’‘when i think about this i feel like life has no meaning and i am just trying to run from it.

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Please call 1–800-273-TALK

It is free. They can do better than we can.

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Still, there are many people on this site that have gone through what you have. Even though it may seem as if you have always felt this way, chances are you are clinically depressed. When that is the case, your hopelessness and feeling that life has no meaning are part of the condition.

It is critical that you get some professional help. You may not think so right now, but you are worth it. There is hope.

Please, please call someone right away.

Welcome to Fluther. You are welcome here, and we care about you. Here is another resource with people’s stories and a test you can take to see if you may be clinically depressed.

Take care.

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Call those numbers.

As someone who dialed one at 3:32am, finished talking at 4:43am and put away the tool, I know they can help.

They can!

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Get some professional help and possibly some medication. Your brain chemicals are out of whack and you deserve to have them set to rights.

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Many of us have been there. Many of those we love have been there, as well. Your childhood and past experiences do not have to haunt the rest of your life, but I know it’s difficult. You do not go into detail as to what those events were and that’s, of course, fine, but in some ways makes it hard for me to assess what sorts of things you can do to overcome some of your issues. I’ve never called numbers but I have asked for people to, at times, be around me all the time to prevent me from killing myself. And I don’t care if you have to message all of us privately every 10 minutes just to say that you can’t take it anymore, DO it. Life is worth more than awkwardness or embarrassment. Thank you for reaching out.

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As you can see, you are not alone. Many of us have faced the challenges of overcoming adversity, including childhood abuse. Many of us have contemplated the abyss, and some of us have lost loved ones to that decision.

Hang in there; reach out to friends, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the resources offered above and to even comment further here. You will find much support among the members of Fluther, and I am glad that you found us. Welcome!

I first wished to be dead the night before my 12th birthday, following years of verbal and sexual abuse. Three decades have passed and there were many occasions that I felt that way since. But in the past several years, I have learned to accept my past, forgive those who harmed me, forgive myself, and eventually to love myself. It takes time and effort, but you can not only be a survivor, but even thrive.


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As people have mentioned there are of course resources. I myself find that it helps to keep in mind that my mindset creates how I feel. I used to think when people said stuff like that it was whacky or easier said than done but after surrounding myself with positive people to help keep me grounded I spent time actually researching the science of how our bodies are affected by our thoughts & what it did for me is indescribably positive.

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It sounds like you may need mental health treatment. There are a number of ways to seek treatment.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, you can walk into any emergency room and ask for an emergency psych evaluation. They will call in emergency counselors and it’s the fastest way to get help without waiting lists, hoops and hassles. Your mental health care will be seriously expedited if you do this, but you may end up being hospitalized for a week or two if they think you are a danger to yourself. That’s the fastest way to get help though.

You can go into your local doctor, explain the situation. He can write you a prescription for a little antidepressant and make referrals to psychiatrists and counselors that will accept your insurance. If you don’t have insurance ask for a referral to the county mental health program, that is state funded. There will be long wait lists and hassles.

You can call your county mental health program and make an appointment for yourself directly. You can call your local health department and ask for the number if you can’t find it in the book.

You speak of your education. If you are still in school, most universities have a counseling program for students and many high schools have guidance counselors. You can ask your school if there’s a way to get counseling at school.

You can call local churches of any denomination, faith of your choice, depending on your faith and preference, and ask if they can give you some advice and counseling. They may be able to refer you for help or give you some support.

If you need help be assertive and keep asking for it until you get it. Some counseling, therapy or medication may help you a lot.

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Lurve to newcomers @Blanket_Jackson , @escapedone7 , and @Jenniehowell .
@Blanket_Jackson I remember going thru that for several years, college and early career. I remember later dating a girl named Jeanne, and thinking how glad I was to not have ended it all in those years. That relationship didn’t last, but the feeling I had did. I now am happily married, have 3 great kids, and am very glad I got here.
Even if you are not religious, you can talk to a priest or pastor.
Talk to someone soon. They can help.

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I have been where you are, friend. More than once. You need and deserve to get help with this situation… please don’t wait! Above all else, remember this: It will get better. It always does. I promise.

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Welcome to fluther, kid. You are among friends. Your life indeed has meaning, more so than you can possibly imagine even if you weren’t feeling as low as you currently feel. We like to celebrate life here and everyone here is ready, able and eager to help a fellow flutherer, who feels down and depressed. Do check out the resources identified by my and now too, your friends, here on fluther. And give us and give life a chance….you are worth it! Keep in touch, kid. By the way, my friends call me wtf (my initials)...........feel free to do the same.

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Listen to these people, they know what they are talking about. Don’t get to the place I was, where I was getting ready to throw myself under the wheels of a semi truck. Get help, you are worth it. We all are.

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Depression like this can be caused by chemical imbalances within. It may not even really be you talking, but some whacked out neurons.

If life is so bad, now is the time for an adventure! Turn off the TV, get away from the laptop. Go outside and live a little!

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Talk to your immediate family about this. They could help you find professional help or a trusted priest/spiritual advisor. But all this would be more effective if there is moral support from people who love you unconditionally – your family.

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Your brain is not working correctly right now. Please go and find some help. Talking to a doctor would be a great idea.

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Those who point out that chemical imbalances can cause it are right. That can sometimes be the cause.

In my case I needed both. I talked to someone for quite a while. I enjoyed it. And I received medication. It really helped. I didn’t realize what it meant to feel NOT burdened by that feeling.

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I wanted to add that is a wonderful resource for finding urgent outreach and affordable mental health services.

I hope you’re feeling a bit better today!

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Go exercise. Do it no matter how bad you feel, make yourself do it till it becomes a part of your every day routine. It will help, I promise.

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You are so not alone. Reach out to counseling services at your school or look up local mental health providers in your insurance network. If you are really in a state of emergency, go to the emergency room at a hospital. It may sound trite, but I do believe that “where there’s life there’s hope.” Take care.

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