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What are some ways to save money on my home phone, internet, and cable?

Asked by lbus1229 (338points) July 26th, 2009 from iPhone

I currently pay 150.00 and that seems crazy to me.

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Who do you have? Do you have them on a bundle deal?

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No sarcasm or anything meant here.

Do you need Cable?

Also, look at your phone. Do you have Caller id, call waiting, and all that other stuff. Do you really need it?

Do you have long distance plan and a cell phone? You often times don’t need both. We only have a Track Phone for our long distance.

Just some thoughts.

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I don’t have a home phone because both my boyfriend and I have cell phones. Our cable and internet adds up to about 65 a month. You should listen to @Bri_L and get rid of stuff if you don’t really need it.

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Charter bundle! If you can get it in your area. I think it’s 30 for each. I pay less than $80 a month for 10 meg internet and digital cable!

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Dump the cable, get your internet thru the phone line, DSL, and restrict your phone to local calling only. No caller ID and buy a cheap answering machine. I have the fastest DSL available, no cable, and local calling on my phone only. My phone bill averages about $45 bucks a month. I do all my long distance on my cell plan.

As for cable television, some people think that they can’t live without it, and I’d like to have it, but until they can sell it to me ala carte, I refuse to pay for it. In my opinion, TV is a waste of time anyway.

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Use DSL instead of cable internet. Use a basic dish package instead of cable TV. Cancel your long distance land line and just use a cell phone with a good contract. If you don’t use phone much, you can go pre-paid to save money.

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A lot of people I know have replaced cable with NetFlix. It’s definitely waaaay cheaper, although if you’re a huge TV junky waiting for the season DVDs might be hard. (Course you can usually find that stuff online.)

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Disconnect them and run a two way splitter from your nearest neighbor’s cable line. If he catches you say it wasn’t you. Must have been some crazy neighborhood kids.

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It works for me I mean they say you can do that

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I am getting free cable due to an error on the part of the cable company. I piggyback my wireless signal off an unsecured neighbors netgear signal. Free Vonage would be nice, but I am paying $40 a month for 500 minutes from Verizon.

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First off, you should have some type of bundle plan that offers a discount for having those three services. Then, you need to cut back on the unnecessary features you have, such as the millions of channels or extra packages you don’t watch.

I (in Canada, thus Canadian dollars) pay about $50/mo for super high speed unthrottled DSL internet [the competition here is very few and they all suck in terms of pricing], and about $20/mo for my cellphone. I don’t have a home phone, don’t want one nor need one. I also don’t have cable, I watch TV online/at a friend’s/via DVD/downloading.

One thing to note is that you really want to play your telecom companies against each other. Don’t hesitate to call up another one, tell them you are paying too much at your current company, list out what you want and have them tell you their best price. Then call up your original one, say you are going to move to a cheaper telecom company, and see what they offer you to stay with them.

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Would that error include your complicity?

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@SeventhSense It would require at least six senses to prove that. Besides, I am complicit in no way, shape, nor form.
I turn on the computer and it automatically seeks out and attaches to the nearest wi-fi signal around.
The cable guys came around the complex the year the Giants won the Superbowl with Manning as quarterback. They said the cable would be live for a month and then they would turn it off. They never turned it off and they never asked for payment.

I am however quite complicit with Verizon, whom I pay monthly like clockwork.

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I’m just being a nudge.

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@SeventhSense I know. Me too. I love when life throws me bonuses, although free cable may be more a negative than a pos.

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I opted to go with VOIP (Vonage), less than ½ the price I’d pay for regular phone service and a higher level of service. I like Cable internet, because with DSL, you have to have a regular phone line and a DSL line so you don’t really save anything, especially if you want to ditch your land line. And I just prefer Dish for TV, I think of the choices between Dish Network, DirecTV and Cable, you get the best overall price for the highest level of service. Basically, my bills total $145 including taxes. Now it sounds like a lot when I see the cable company offering $99 for VOIP, Cable Internet and Sattelite TV through DirecTV. But the VOIP service does not include as many features as Vonage. The Cable Internet is the same as what I have now. The DirecTV service is a fairly basic package, which doesn’t include many of the channels I pay for, the DVR, the two room service, etc. Plus the $99 doesn’t include taxes, which are probably $20 at that level of service. So what are we really talking about? $25 more than the cheapest I could do, but if I upgraded the TV and phone service to what I have now, it would actually be more.

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