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What jobs are available at banks?

Asked by unodos (132points) July 27th, 2009

I dont know english well, please bare with me. if you work in a bank or know anyone who works in a bank, what are the job positions there? and what are their duties? looking for a job here

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My husband does. If you speak Spanish so does he, if you have a specific question. Si Hablas espanol, my esposo trabaja in un banco, y habla espanol si tienes unas preguntas?

Some of it depends on how big the bank is. Banks have tellers, bank managers, loan officers, usually someone who can consult with you about your investments, the main/corporate office has, like most companies, a CEO, CFO, VP’s, managers, HR, Executive Assistants, etc.

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I work at a bank, but I have nothing to do with the bank branch. I’m not a teller or a loan officer or anything like that. I’m a software engineer, and my job is writing, maintining, and debugging computer programs both for the bank’s internal systems and for our external clients (such as the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance).

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If you want to work at a branch, you have to be experienced at the normal teller activities. For all other positions, there are many varieties of work. Our bank has a training department where they take students and teach them the necessary skills for the branch positions.

I suggest you register with an employment agency that specializes in the banking profession.

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If your looking for a career in banking I would personally look into corporate banking, investment banking, or anything other than a branch (no offense to anyone who works in one) for the simple reason that most workers in branches or normal banks don’t haul in the big bucks unless they perform amazingly in which case they will be offered jobs in corporate anyway (where the money is).
If your young and just starting off it’s an even better reason to go for the ibanks or corporate banks to make the money and where strong performance will make you rich.

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