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Nokia N97 or HTC Touch Pro 2?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) July 27th, 2009

I’m thinking about buying a new phone tomorrow and I’ve been going back and forth about which phone to buy. I’ve been using Nokia’s phone for quite awhile now, since I was 11 now I’m 18. I like the Nokia N97’s outlook and the components and same with the HTC Touch Pro2 but it has more stuff than Nokia N97. So I really don’t know which one to buy since I’ve been using Nokia for such a long time, it’s long lasting and it’s trustable but I don’t know about HTC. So which one to buy?

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Have you considered an iPhone or Google phone?

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Touch pro / Pro 2 , or the Touch HD if you want a full touch screen phone .

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HTC makes amazing phones in my opinion. I’d go for the HTC. Trustworthy according to all of my friends who have used them, and nice phones all around. Although I don’t have one (i have an iPHone) the HTC would have been a second choice.

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