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What do you do to relieve soul-crushing anxiety resulting from some inner conflict?

Asked by arcoarena (692points) July 27th, 2009
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Xanax and counseling.

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I study the JFK assassination.
It is so complexed, with so many variables, it literally shuts out my personal problems.

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Get face to face with people that love you. Dwell on all the blessings u have.

Give up and let go of that list of things u feel u have to have in the future.

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You’re lucky enough to know what your inner conflict is, you should start there. I’ve had anxiety for years, and have never had to take drugs to keep it under control, but I know it can be helpful for a lot of people.

If you’re not in therapy, think about going. I just started and wish I had years ago. I didn’t, out of fear, and pride, I realize now, but it helps to have some one who talks to people with mental issues all day long tell you you’re not crazy, what your going through is normal, and will pass. Because it will.

Hang in there, don’t stop breathing. find things that comfort you. I know that’s easier said than done, and in the heat of anxiety sometimes it feels like nothing is comforting, but you have to make it happen.

I make a routine for myself every night; I take a shower with this certain body scrub with a smell that reminds me of my childhood, and listen to what’s titled my “happy mix”. All day, when I feel my anxiety rising, I think about how tonight, no matter what, I will be in that good place.

And try to remember what it felt like when you didn’t have anxiety, even if it was for a just a moment. Remember that your capable of existing without it.

Don’t give up!

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Work on resolving the inner conflict. Until you do that, it’s going to be a source of anxiety.

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Thanks everyone for your advice. I decided to remain discrete since I don’t feel like going into the personal issue right now although i have in the past on fluther. I don’t think it’s something permanent. Just a bad day let’s say…

so far I went skateboarding and listened to loud music and played my guitar a bit.

I just can’t stand that feeling where I can’t get something awful out of my head and I just want to get on with my day…It’s that i’m so hungry but i can’t eat feeling that just sucks…

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Do not even bother something that is out of your control. We are naturally helpless in certain cases. If there’s a solution to the conflict, address it if not just leave it to be solved some other time.

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I once heard some one say that worry is wanting to control things you can’t. I always ask myself: “Is what I’m fretting about out of my control?” If yes, fix it. Else, move on.

also, I recently had for the first time the inability to eat because of anxiety. I would be painfully hungry, but felt like I would throw up when I tried to eat. Very scary. I actually did throw up eventually, and I just slowly started eating more and more after four or five days. I found that eating really, really dry things was best, like saltine crackers and pretzels.

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A whole pint of Cherry Garcia will put you in a carb coma and when you come to again, you will have a mangeable anxiety about your weight that you can deal with.

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Confess the issue that is conflicting you to someone. (Get it out. )

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I was always anxious from childhood. It seemed to get better as I got older, but over the last ten years or so it came back with a vengeance. It was so bad that, a few years ago, I took a trip to New York with my boyfriend at the time: the anxiety attack started as soon as the plane took off and it didn’t stop until the plane landed three days later to bring me home. The worst part was that I didn’t want my bf to know that anything was wrong, so I had to disguise my anxiety the entire time.

I saw my doctor, tried several different kinds of medication (first Paxil, then Effexor, and now Cymbalta). Different drugs work for different people, and some people can’t take (or don’t need) drugs at all. I also went to a psychologist who recommended a book called The Worry Cure. It is excellent, and has helped me to change my approach to life so that I am much less anxious.

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