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Is there an authoritative or at least credible source that indicates how many tons CO2-eq reduction can be attributed to the Kyoto Protocol when it is complete?

Asked by sshonkoff (28points) July 27th, 2009
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I’m not sure if there are any independent studies on it, but the general consensus by Scientists worldwide (including many hundreds or thousands not involved in it) is that it will lower our overall CO2 output.

For the moment, I think the Kyoto Protocol itself is the only study that can tell you how much it will reduce them by.

But honestly, the CO2 output argument is a pretty moot point. We’ll be out of most fossil fuels LONG before we totally kill our planet.

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Probably not, it’s like trying to track sales when you have thirty different ads running, you can’t really tell which one got you which sale.

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