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How are people still getting away with bank robbery these days?

Asked by Ansible1 (4824points) July 27th, 2009

I keep hearing stories on the local news – ‘Bank robber still at large’ and ‘Second bank robbery this month’...with all the surveillance technology we have how are they getting away with it? Does a 2 dollar ski mask really trump a several thousand dollar security system? Also I thought all or most banks have silent dead switches that lock all the doors to prevent an escape.

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i don’t know about the technicalities, but i think something covering someone’s face is still something covering someone’s face, regardless of how much/fancy the cameras are. guns and skill don’t hurt i guess.

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Bank robbers aren’t your run of the mill criminal. Many have backgrounds in the security field. They know how to get around security in many situations and I’m willing to bet, it takes more ability than just donning a mask.

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For every security measure that’s developed there’s generally a counter measure that can be used to evade it.

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Cameras don’t see through masks I’m guessing. For the most part, they work quickly and are out in minutes. Weapons are still threatening to most people.
By the way, I heard once from a lady who worked at a bank that her boss told her that if the robber asked for the bags of money without the ink packs that she had to give them the money without the ink packs. Whether that’s true nationwide or if that was just something he told her to please the robbers and kind of save her skin, I don’t know.

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Anything that is 100% secure is 100% unusable.

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A guy robbed a bank around here recently and used a BICYCLE as his getaway vehicle. Explain that to me.

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My mother’s a bank manager actually, she’s been robbed twice.

Most robbers are in a bank for no more than 3 or 4 minutes, so if they know it takes cops 5 minutes to get there it’s just a matter of sticking a gun in someone’s face and running away really fast.

With the actually bank heists, where hundreds of thousands of dollars is the goal, obviously things get a little more complicated. To give you an idea of how much planning and required knowledge goes into some robberies check this out

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here’s a thought, think about someone holding a gun to your head and you cant escape, even with cameras you’re either dead or alive and awaiting court dates as a witness/victim which in reality takes many days to to thru

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Locking all the doors to prevent an escape seems like a very bad idea. Then you have a desperate, trapped, angry, possibly unstable person, with a gun, in a room full of people. Perhaps if you could have bulletproof glass on a set of widely spaced, fast-closing double doors, you could trap them alone in the entryway, but just locking the exits would be highly inadvisable.

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@Jayne That’s how my bank does it now.

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Yeah that’s what I meant. Most banks have a doorway coming in from the outside that leads into an inner-hallway and then a second doorway that leads into the bank. The switch would allow the robber to leave through the second doorway, find the outside door to be locked, then lock the door he just came through trapping him. This security feature seems pretty clutch in stopping bank robberies, if all banks don’t have it I don’t know why they don’t.

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@Ansible1 second time my mother god robbed they tried to do that, but he brought a brick in with him and held the second door open with it, so when he discovered the outside door had locked he wasn’t very happy about it.

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Although many banks likely do have the remote locking technology you speak of, many of them may have policies not to use it in case of a robbery – this would be a case of putting the employees’ and customers’ safety as a higher priority than the certainty of apprehending the perpetrator, as if the perp is gone, there is no longer a danger to civilians at the bank (this would also avoid a possible hostage situation developing).

Regarding video surveillance, there are many different types. The more money that is spent on a system, the more effective it will be. But, if the perpetrator is wearing a normal mask / gloves without any easily identifiable marks, it would be easier to get away with the crime. A quick and efficent police response is the best method to solve bank robbery.

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This is unfucking believable…. I was listening to the news this morning, another man just robbed a bank and used a bicycle as his get away vehicle…...

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@uberbatman WTF? Must be a new trend.

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Well, bikes do have the advantage that you can easily dispose of them without leaving much trace or wasting much money.

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@Jayne sure, but how speedy of a get away are you making? I mean these are average dudes robbin the bank, not lance armstrong. Another thing is neither of these happened in a highly congested area, so its not like oh well look at all the bikes, wonder who it could be. Its more like, hey look there goes that asshole down the street on his bike….

I forgot to mention above, the first biked bank robber decided to hid from the cops in the bathroom of a la-z-boy store. Just ran in and locked himself in the bathroom. They’ll NEVERRRR find me here…....

Watch out cops, we got a new type of super genius criminals on the loose.

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I suppose a bike would be helpful in that you can ride on sidewalks, grass, between buildings, around obstacles that cop cars can’t. Still, it seems odd.

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@augustlan if it was a dirt bike id agree fully. But i mean a bicycle the cop can roll down the street next to him doing 10mph lol.

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